KFC Customer Claims His Dinner Has Foretold The Outcome Of Scotland’s Independence Vote

Image courtesy of On the left, a map. On the right, chicken (via @DailyMirror)

While the United Kingdom stands poised on the brink of a possibly fractured future, one man says he already knows the outcome of Scotland’s vote on independence: It’s going solo, according to a piece of chicken he bought from KFC. Well, that’s decided.

With everyone in the British Isles waiting to see whether Scotland parts ways with England, Wales and Northern Ireland — aka the United Kingdom — after hundreds of years together, one man saw the future in his fried chicken, reports The Mirror.

He and his family were on vacation recently and ordered a family bucket of chicken at KFC. He plucked out one particular piece and looked into time itself.

“I picked this one piece out and I thought it looked like the map of Britain, but then I realized Scotland was missing,” he explains, admitting that Northern Ireland wasn’t some other piece of chicken, but that it did resemble England and Wales.

He confesses that he might not be a soothsayer in the making, but heck, weirder things have happened.

“I don’t know whether it’s an omen for the outcome of the Scottish referendum, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Scotland votes Yes,” he adds.

I don’t know if I’m just delirious from hunger but the more you look at it… It does kind of look like England and Wales. Well, maybe only a little bit of Wales. Some probably got lost in the fryer.

On the left, a map. On the right, chicken (via @DailyMirror)

On the left, a map. On the right, chicken (via @DailyMirror)

Voting is important, so:

Scottish independence: Man finds piece of KFC chicken that could be shape of new UK [The Daily Mirror]

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