People Stranded On Multiple Rides After Amusement Park Suffers Power Outages

It’s bad enough when one roller coaster or ride malfunctions and strands a bunch of passengers, but the situation at an amusement park went beyond a single incident, with visitors stuck on multiple attractions after a series of power outages. [More]

Uber Now Allows Riders To Schedule Trips In Advance

Uber Now Allows Riders To Schedule Trips In Advance

Less than two weeks after Lyft rolled out a new service that allows riders to book trips in advance — despite the fact that that action essentially defeats the purpose of an on-demand ride-hailing app — the company’s biggest rival is joining club: Uber will now let users schedule trips between 30 minutes and 30 days in advance.  [More]

Ford Partners With Startup To Launch On-Demand Bus Service In Kansas City

Ford Partners With Startup To Launch On-Demand Bus Service In Kansas City

Residents of Kansas City will have another option when it comes to tooling around town next month: Ford has partnered with Boston-based pop-up bus company, Bridj, to launch an on-demand bus service in the city.

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Amusement Park Takes Catapult Ride Out Of Operation Permanently After Cable Snaps

A catapult sounds like it could make for a fun ride, what with the implied image of objects flying through the air. But because that flinging needs to be under control if people are going to stay safe, one Wisconsin amusement park has taken its catapult ride out of commission after a cable snapped. [More]

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82-Year-Old Rides Wooden Roller Coaster 95 Times In One Day To Reach 5,000 Mark

It’s always admirable when someone accomplishes a feat that to the average person appears well, a bit dizzying, and an 82-year-old roller coaster devotee’s recent accomplishment is no different: He celebrated his 5,000th ride on a historic wooden roller coaster in Pennsylvania, completing 95 of those trips in one day over the weekend. [More]

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Coney Island’s Legendary Cyclone Roller Coaster Strands Riders On Opening Day

There’s nothing like that first day at the amusement park, when it feels like spring is maybe, possibly, finally on its way, when you get to climb into that roller coaster for its very first ride of the season… and then you’re stuck high up in the air, wondering how it all went wrong. That’s the tale of yesterday’s Coney Island visitors who scored a free ride on opening day yesterday. [More]


Two Men Ride All Of Disney World’s 46 Rides In One Day

There are many things that as a kid, we swear we’ll do when we’re finally old enough to live our own lives: Build that awesome treehouse, tell Scott McMeaniePants from 7th grade that he’s a total knob, and ride amusement park rides all day long with no one to tell you to stop. Two grown men lived that last childhood fantasy out, riding all 46 rides at Disney World in a single day. [More]

Not the wheel in question. (frankieleon.)

Family Of 5 Claims They Were Stranded At The Top Of Ferris Wheel While Theme Park Shut Down

The whole reason to hitch a ride on a Ferris wheel is to catch the view from the top — but even that delight would surely pale after say, the lights turn out and you’ve been up there for a while. A family of five claims they’re “traumatized” after getting stranded at the top of a Ferris wheel after an amusement park in the UK closed for the night. [More]

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12 Passengers Rescued From Universal Orlando Ride After Being Stuck Vertically For Three Hours

It’s not that thrill-seekers don’t expect they’ll be elevated to great heights on roller coasters like the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Orlando, but even the person with nary a shred of fear might get restless when stuck vertically at 150 feet in the air for three hours. Twelve passengers on that ride were rescued last night after an apparent technical glitch froze the ride in place near its summit. [More]

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Woman Stuck On State Fair Ride Picked A Bad Day To Conquer Her Fear Of Heights

Sometimes the universe is just a total jerk. For example, the day a Texas woman decided she’d finally conquer her fear of heights? She got stranded 200 feet in the air on a ride with 23 other people. Bad timing, or just a bratty universe trying to play a mean trick? In either case, we feel for her. [More]

Harry Potter Theme Park Modifies Ride To Accommodate Larger Visitors

Harry Potter Theme Park Modifies Ride To Accommodate Larger Visitors

The “Forbidden Journey” ride at Universal Studios’ Harry Potter park just got a little less forbidden, at least for some obese tourists. The park has added new larger sized seats to the ride, so at least some of those who were turned away in previous months might have better luck now. [More]

Hagrid-Sized Humans Can't Ride New Harry Potter Attraction

Hagrid-Sized Humans Can't Ride New Harry Potter Attraction

If you visit the Harry Potter theme park this summer and happen to see a relatively large person poking himself with his brand new wand and muttering reduccio!, don’t be confused. He was probably just told he can’t ride the Forbidden Journey dark ride at the park. [More]

Blessed Limo Provides Hellish Prom Service

Blessed Limo Provides Hellish Prom Service

Who wouldn’t want to start their prom by watching a stretch limo cruise down their street an hour and a half late before crashing into their parent’s car? Apparently a bunch of high school students in Washington state, that’s who. And they’re not the only ones angry that they booked with Blessed Limo. The notorious local operator apparently has a knack for showing up late and then stranding kids at prom. Complaining to state authorities only goes so far because these guys don’t even bother with bureaucratic backaches like “operating licenses.”