Blessed Limo Provides Hellish Prom Service

Who wouldn’t want to start their prom by watching a stretch limo cruise down their street an hour and a half late before crashing into their parent’s car? Apparently a bunch of high school students in Washington state, that’s who. And they’re not the only ones angry that they booked with Blessed Limo. The notorious local operator apparently has a knack for showing up late and then stranding kids at prom. Complaining to state authorities only goes so far because these guys don’t even bother with bureaucratic backaches like “operating licenses.”

KING 5 tracked down Blessed Limo and tried to get a ride to the airport, but the driver sped away when he realized he was about to pick up a pack of biased reporters.

I contacted the Department of Licensing and they told me that Blessed Limo’s license to operate had expired in late October. And that’s why we couldn’t believe he sent someone to take us to Sea-Tac.

“Blessed Limo is anything but. It’s a roll of the dice at best with those guys,” Gary Sharnbroich says.

The owner promised to speak with us last night, but then changed his mind.

The company did take care of the parent’s car that was hit.

But he did charge us $55 for the trip we never took to the airport.

Washington’s Attorney General recommends running any limo company by both the Department of Licensing and the BBB before finalizing your big plans for the big day.

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