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State Fairs Of Yesteryear Often Featured Creepy Baby-Judging Contests

Just imagine: you’re standing in the crowd at the state fair, gaze fixed on a stage filled not with plump vegetables, carefully crafted pies, or prize cows, but babies. Yes, the past could get pretty creepy. [More]

(Illinois State Fair)

A 12-Year-Old Girl Just Made $100,000 By Selling Her Grand Champion Steer

When you and I were 12, we were really lucky to make $10 selling lemonade on even the hottest of days. But one very special 12-year-old isn’t making the big bucks on shilling drinks — she’s just sold a grand champion steer for a whopping $100,000. [More]

Police: Worker Operating Ride At N.C. State Fair Tampered With It On Purpose To Hurt People

Police: Worker Operating Ride At N.C. State Fair Tampered With It On Purpose To Hurt People

When you climb aboard a ride that whirls, spins and otherwise flips riders around throughout space in a thrilling manner, you’re trusting that the person behind the controls wants everything to run smoothly. But police in North Carolina say a worker at the state fair tampered with a ride on purpose, leaving five people injured as a result. [More]

(CBS Dallas-Fort Worth)

Woman Stuck On State Fair Ride Picked A Bad Day To Conquer Her Fear Of Heights

Sometimes the universe is just a total jerk. For example, the day a Texas woman decided she’d finally conquer her fear of heights? She got stranded 200 feet in the air on a ride with 23 other people. Bad timing, or just a bratty universe trying to play a mean trick? In either case, we feel for her. [More]

Fried Beer… The Name Says It All

Fried Beer… The Name Says It All

As we’ve already seen with this summer’s Meat Man Parfait, state fairs are a hotbed of culinary experimentation. The latest headline maker comes from the Texas State Fair, where one man plans to unleash the craziness that is Fried Beer upon the world. [More]


Mykl Roventine has an amazing set of photos of last year’s Minnesota State Fair over at Flickr. It’s a confetti-colored slice of Americana, and a great collection of both fair food and the signage that advertises it. Cheer yourself up. [MN State Fair at Flickr]