You Can Now Schedule Your Lyft 24 Hours In Advance

Allowing riders to book trips in advance essentially defeats the purpose of an on-demand ride-hailing app. But it’s a concept that Lyft is now ready to provide customers. 

Lyft announced Monday that it is testing a new feature that lets riders schedule a trip 24 hours in advance.

“While on-demand rides remain core to our platform, we’re thrilled to offer even more options to passengers — as well as another opportunity for drivers to earn,” Lyft said in a statement about the new feature currently being tested in San Francisco.

Scheduling works much like traditional ride-hailing on Lyft. Users open their app like they normally would, select the type of ride they want, and then tap the clock icon to set the desired pickup.


Riders can update or cancel their scheduled trip up to 30 minutes before the determined pickup time.

The company says it plans to launch the feature in other cities around the U.S. this summer.

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