People Stranded On Multiple Rides After Amusement Park Suffers Power Outages

Image courtesy of Carowinds

It’s bad enough when one roller coaster or ride malfunctions and strands a bunch of passengers, but the situation at an amusement park went beyond a single incident, with visitors stuck on multiple attractions after a series of power outages.

People were stuck on several rides last night at Carowinds amusement park, in Charlotte, N.C. reports WYFF-4, after sporadic power outages. Reports of stranded visitors started around 8, with a park spokesperson confirming the power outages, but not confirming anyone was stuck until 9:45 p.m.

“Around 8 pm this evening, there was a power failure at Carowinds. As a result, there was a partial power outage in the park,” a statement read from the park at that time. “Several rides were stopped and safely evacuated. We are currently lowering WindSeeker to the ground. As always, the safety of our guests and associates is our highest priority.”

One visitor said he was stuck on the ride with his girlfriend and her family when the power went out — and it wasn’t fun.

“We have been stuck on the Windseeker ride at Carowinds for over two hours now. We finally slowly making our way down at what it feels like a couple inches every 4-5 minutes,” he wrote to WYFF. “It is making us mad that they’re taking this long and had a power outage to begin with. I won’t be coming back to Carowinds for a long time and recommend others shouldn’t either.”

A park representative told the station shortly before 11 last night that all the passengers had been safely unloaded from the rides, and utility crews were investigating a blown transformer.

Riders stuck on multiple rides at Carowinds after power outages []

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