Harry Potter Theme Park Modifies Ride To Accommodate Larger Visitors

The “Forbidden Journey” ride at Universal Studios’ Harry Potter park just got a little less forbidden, at least for some obese tourists. The park has added new larger sized seats to the ride, so at least some of those who were turned away in previous months might have better luck now.

In June, we wrote about Banks Lee, a guy who was turned away because of his size and who started a blog detailing his diet to get down to Forbidden Journey size. He accomplished that on August 27th (see his blog for the full story), but he went back to give the revamped seating a test run and reported on it:

Now, with the addition of the modified seats, the test seat process has changed. When you sit down, there are three lights next to you; red, yellow, and green. As I stated earlier in the post, red=no ride, yellow=modified seat, and green=sit anywhere. If you get yellow and need a modified seat, once you get to the part before the loading platform where the second test seat is, the attendant will put you in the middle line, which is reserved for guests needing the modified seat.

Since there are only around 8 vehicles that currently have modified seating, you have to wait for one to come around. Once it does come you go to the loading platform, and choose either of the outside seats. The two middle seats are not modified. You still need three clicks to be able to ride, but they are now much easier to get, especially with the little extra room you have in the seat.

“Too wide to ride: obese visitors force Harry Potter ride to upsize” [The Sydney Morning Herald] (Thanks to catastrophegirl!)

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