Hagrid-Sized Humans Can't Ride New Harry Potter Attraction

If you visit the Harry Potter theme park this summer and happen to see a relatively large person poking himself with his brand new wand and muttering reduccio!, don’t be confused. He was probably just told he can’t ride the Forbidden Journey dark ride at the park.

Yahoo movies says Universal Studios theme park doesn’t have specific weight limits, but for Forbidden Journey it has a tester seat you have to fit into, as well as a tester restraint you have to pull over and fasten correctly, before you’re allowed to move ahead in the queue.

One 310 pound fan was turned away, so now he’s publicly dieting so he can manage to fit into the seat. And with the Harry Potter Theme Park Diet Plan, Universal may have just found a secondary revenue stream for girthier fans.

“Harry Potter Fans Deemed Too Heavy for ‘Wizarding World’ Ride” [Yahoo! Movies] (Thanks to Harper!)

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