At least he's lord of something?

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Server Could’ve Bestowed A Nicer Title Than “Douchelord” On Customer

What little kid doesn’t dream of living in castles, being called lord or lady and having peons bow to your every whim? It’s a fantasy, unreachable for most of us commonfolk. Unless, like Consumerist reader Shawn, you venture to a local sports bar in Exton, Pa. Then you can get your very own regal title! [More]

Customer Sues CVS For Writing Her Name As “Ching Chong” On Receipt

Customer Sues CVS For Writing Her Name As “Ching Chong” On Receipt

How many times do we have to tell the cashiers of America to STOP PUTTING STUPID AND OFFENSIVE NAMES ON CUSTOMERS’ RECEIPTS? Sorry we had to go all-caps on you there, but after all the stories of idiotic name-calling that have gotten employees fired and retailers sued, you’d think people would stop. And yet here we have the story of a CVS customer of Korean descent who is suing the drugstore chain after allegedly being labeled “Ching Chong Lee” on her receipt. [More]

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Kate Spade Store Demands Proof I Didn’t Steal My Wallet Before Repairing It

The zipper on Ali’s Kate Spade wallet would no longer zip. She likes the wallet, so she checked whether the company would repair it for her. They would! Yay! She made plans to bring it to the Kate Spade store at her local mall and send it off for repair from there. Only the store manager wouldn’t accept the wallet without some kind of proof that she had bought it…with an implied “proof that she hadn’t stolen it.” Here’s the funny thing: she writes that when her friend walked in the store and handed over the wallet for repair, she was not asked for a receipt or any proof. Oh, incidentally: Ali is black. Her friend is white. [More]

Customer Who Posted Olive Garden Receipt Says He Understands The Skeptics

Customer Who Posted Olive Garden Receipt Says He Understands The Skeptics

Earlier today, we told you about a receipt posted by an Olive Garden diner whose meal was comped, and about all the doubters that came out of the woodwork to claim it was a fake. We weren’t sure — we certainly wouldn’t put it past a clever marketing department — so we asked the man who originally published the much-debated pic. [More]

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Is This Comped Olive Garden Receipt The Real Deal Or Just Viral Marketing?

ANOTHER UPDATE: The man who originally posted the image has written back to confirm that this is indeed a genuine receipt, but that he doesn’t fault people for doubting him.

When a restaurant receipt story gets wildly popular online, it’s usually because a horrible customer leaves a rude message or because a restaurant staffer insults a diner, but occasionally it’s a happy story about an eatery doing something nice. Question is, are restaurants beginning to fake these stories for positive PR? [More]


Should Diners Be Rewarded For Well-Behaved Kids, Or Should That Just Be The Norm?

We’ve seen the joy that can spread when restaurant employees type in an personalized discount on diner’s receipts — perhaps complimenting the customer or simply giving a discount to wish a mother-to-be luck. In another recent case of a generous restaurant server, the worker gave a family $4 off the bill for having “well behaved kids.” Sweet, right? Or should it just be expected that if you’re dining out, you keep your kids under control?



Waitress Who Posted No-Tip Receipt From “Pastor” Customer Fired From Job

Earlier this week, we posted a story about a restaurant customer who not only chose to deny the waitress a tip, but also wrote “I Give God 10% Why do you Get 18?” on the receipt. Now we’ve learned that the server who posted the receipt online has been fired. [More]


Diner Thinks That Saying He’s A Pastor Allows Him To Stiff Waiter On Tip

UPDATE: The waitress who posted the receipt online has since been fired by her employer. [More]

On the right is your restaurant receipt. On the left is the scrap of paper you will probably throw out in 20 seconds.

Get The Latest News Headlines… With Your Restaurant Receipt

Because you weren’t already getting enough news from your TV/radio/computer/phone/electronic highway billboards (and occasionally newspapers and magazines), someone has come up with yet another way to provide you with the latest headlines — your restaurant receipt. [More]

The receipt that has now been seen and shared by millions of readers.

This Is The Kind Of Message Restaurant Employees Should Be Leaving On Receipts

Regular readers of Consumerist know that some restaurant workers feel obliged to use the receipt as a way to mock customers or angrily vent their frustration. But one Red Robin manager has figured out receipts can also be a way to win over a customer. [More]


Friendly’s Staff Fails To Live Up To Restaurant Name, Writes “100% Sh*t Show” On Receipt

A New Hampshire family says that after a night out to eat at Friendly’s didn’t go so well, a restaurant staffer decided to express their inner feelings through the increasingly preferred medium of the restaurant’s billing system, dropping the phrase “100% sh*t show” at the bottom of the dinner bill. [More]

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Restaurant Offers 50% Discount After Employee Labels Diners As “Fat Girls” On Bill

To every restaurant manager in the entire world: Sit your employees down now and tell them that if they ever use the “customer name” field on the POS system for anything other than the customer’s name, they will be fired. Because yet again, some moron thought he was being hilarious by using that field to insult his customers. [More]

Man Sues Hooters Over Racial Slur On Receipt

Man Sues Hooters Over Racial Slur On Receipt

Advice to people at restaurants and stores who have a problem with a customer: Keep it to yourself; wait until you get home and then complain about it to your spouse/roommate/pet canary. But for the love of god, please stop writing those insults down on receipts. [More]

My Dry Cleaner Thinks My Last Name Is 'Asshole'

My Dry Cleaner Thinks My Last Name Is 'Asshole'

When Alex dropped his clothes off at his dry cleaner for washing, he received a ticket for when he returned to pick them up. He didn’t glance at the ticket until after he left the shop, and was surprised to learn that an unknown employee had dubbed him “Asshole, Alex.” Were they commenting on his behavior as a customer, or was it some kind of terrible phonetic mistake? [More]

Is It Sweet Or Creepy To Get A Discount For Having The Best Butt In The Restaurant?

Is It Sweet Or Creepy To Get A Discount For Having The Best Butt In The Restaurant?

Having a bad day and just want to drown your sorrows in say, a veggie bowl and fried pickles? Maybe your server will be as smooth as this fella, who added in a few compliments by way of a $0.02 total discount on a customer’s receipt for “Best Butt” and “Best Looking.” Creepy or sweet? Your call. [More]

Redbox Might Be Able To Stop Misdirected Receipts

Redbox Might Be Able To Stop Misdirected Receipts

Being an early adopter of something has its privileges and its disadvantages. Chris joined Gmail early enough that he gets to have an address that consists of his first two initials and his very common last name. That’s pretty neat for him, but has led to a really annoying case of mistaken identity. He keeps getting someone else’s Redbox receipts. A person who has a similar name, but lives in a different state and rents from Redbox an awful lot. The good news? Redbox has a solution for this. Kinda. [More]

RadioShack Employee Uses Receipt To Tell Customer She's An "Ugly Itch" From "Ghettohood, USA"

RadioShack Employee Uses Receipt To Tell Customer She's An "Ugly Itch" From "Ghettohood, USA"

A Maryland RadioShack employee truly went above and beyond the call of bad customer service yesterday when he decided it was perfectly cool to get creative with a customer’s receipt to let her know she’s an “ugly itch” from “ghettohood, usa,” which is apparently in “tattoville, Maryland.” [More]

Restaurant Says 1% Tip Receipt Is A Fake

You know that receipt with the 1% tip and the handwritten “get a real job” note? Well, in a case of too-funny-to-be-true, it’s apparently a hoax. [More]