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Applebee’s Closing More Than 100 Locations, IHOP To Shutter 25 Restaurants

There could soon be fewer places to grab an app or order a stack of pancakes: Dine Equity, the company behind Applebee’s and IHOP, will close up to 160 locations of the chain restaurants this year in an attempt to trim costs and boost sales. [More]


World’s First Combination IHOP/Applebee’s Restaurant Slated For Detroit

This just in, from the Midwest: corporate siblings IHOP and Applebee’s will be joining forces to create a combination restaurant — the first of its kind — expected to open in downtown Detroit. [More]

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Applebee’s Server Returns $32,000 In Cash Family Accidentally Left On The Table

If you work in a restaurant, finding a large amount of cash on the table might be one of those moments where you think you’ve just lucked out and scored a huge tip from some abnormally generous person, and you figure the money is yours to keep. Or, if you’re like one Applebee’s server who recently discovered $32,000 left behind, you turn it in and save the day. [More]


IHOP, Applebee’s Remove Sugary Drinks From Children’s Menu

Two national full-service restaurants are joining the slew of fast food establishments like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Dairy Queen in dumping sugary drinks from the kid’s menu: Applebee’s and IHOP are the latest eateries to embrace the soda-less trend.  [More]


Applebee’s Will Pay Cook With Autism For All 480 Hours That Family Claims

Last week, the family of a Rhode Island man with autism who worked part-time for a local Applebee’s for a year without being paid went public about his predicament. Within only a few days, Applebee’s promised to pay the man first for the 166 hours recorded in their system, then for all 480 hours that his family claimed he had worked. [More]

Applebee’s Forgot To Pay Prep Cook With Autism For A Whole Year

Applebee’s Forgot To Pay Prep Cook With Autism For A Whole Year

How can someone work part-time for a national chain restaurant for the better part of a year and not receive any pay? What happened to a young adult in Rhode Island was a unique situation where the employee worked in an unpaid training program through a state-funded nonprofit, then was supposed to be moved onto the payroll. Only he never was. [More]


Court: Man Burned By Fajitas While Praying Can’t Sue Applebee’s

An Applebee’s customer who says he was burned while leaning over a plate of hot fajitas to pray before his meal can’t sue the restaurant, an appellate court ruled yesterday, because the hot food presented an “open and obvious” danger. [More]

WhatsApplebee’s Chat App Lets You Talk To Strangers — If They’re Also At An Applebee’s

WhatsApplebee’s Chat App Lets You Talk To Strangers — If They’re Also At An Applebee’s

If I had a nickel for every time I walked into a restaurant and thought, “I’d love to talk to some of these people, but not face-to-face because that would be terrifying!” I’d have no nickels. But one fan of Applebee’s thinks it has the app for those people — it’s called WhatsApplebee’s, which is essentially WhatsApp with an “lebee’s” on the end, obviously. [More]

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Applebee’s Customer Says She Got A Free Metal Bolt With Her Hamburger

Getting an unexpected add-on to your food order might be nice if say, you’re getting free extra cheese. But I’m going to go ahead and say no one would appreciate a metal bolt in their burger, like one Applebee’s customer is claiming after a recent visit. Too crunchy. [More]

Don’t Threaten To Burn Down Applebee’s Just Because They Won’t Refund Your Meal From 2 Nights Before

Don’t Threaten To Burn Down Applebee’s Just Because They Won’t Refund Your Meal From 2 Nights Before

Word to the wise, don’t threaten to burn down a restaurant days after you’ve eaten there. You won’t receive the refund you want and you’ll end up in jail. Just ask a New Jersey man, he knows how it goes. [More]

Consumerist’s Most Popular Stories From 2013

Consumerist’s Most Popular Stories From 2013

2013 ends in a few hours, and in the year since we last popped champagne corks and pretended to know the words to “Auld Lang Syne,” we’ve posted more than 5,000 stories to Consumerist, covering everything from Wall Street to Capitol Hill to the drive-thru lane. Some of these posts attracted a few more readers than others. [More]


Would You Pay $375 To Attend A New Year’s Eve Party At Applebee’s?

While you couldn’t pay me any amount of money on a normal day to go anywhere near Times Square, aka the neon wasteland colonized by wandering droves of tourists, Applebee’s is hoping the lure of the New Year’s Eve ball drop will entice diners to actually pay to venture to the area on its most crowded night. A whopping $375, to be exact. [More]


Applebee’s: Manager Who Called Cops On Noisy Family Using It As “Teaching Moment” For Future

Often when we hear of a story involving business owners calling the police on customers the initial reaction is shock and dismay: If the customer is always right, how can a seemingly simple case of noisy kids lead to police involvement? It’s often more complicated than that, as we found out after a media report about a family upset that an Applebee’s manager kicked them out and called the cops. [More]

This shark is a candytarian. (Alan Rappa)

It’s Not A Good Time To Be A Shark In A Brooklyn Applebee’s Aquarium

So there you are, just swimming along like sharks do, the entire ocean is at your disposal and you’re living the life of a normal shark (who is apparently also self-aware enough to realize how good you’ve got it). But then the next thing you know, you’re living in an aquarium at a Brooklyn Applebee’s, one of your fellow shark pals is dead and you’re in serious trouble for eating three other fish in a “shocking killing spree.” [More]


Using A Fake ID Probably Won’t Work If It’s The One You (Allegedly) Stole From The Waitress

An Applebee’s waitress in Colorado is having quite a turn of luck after weeks of fretting over her stolen identity. Her wallet was swiped during a night on the town with friends in February, and since then someone was writing hundreds of dollars in bad checks. Her driver’s license, credit cards and cash were all gone, too. But then one of her customers got dumb. [More]


Waitress Who Posted No-Tip Receipt From “Pastor” Customer Fired From Job

Earlier this week, we posted a story about a restaurant customer who not only chose to deny the waitress a tip, but also wrote “I Give God 10% Why do you Get 18?” on the receipt. Now we’ve learned that the server who posted the receipt online has been fired. [More]


“Stop Eating” Is Not The Kind Of Tip You Should Leave Your Applebee’s Waitress

Leaving a $0 tip on a $30 bill at Applebee’s is bad enough. But then taking the effort to write “Stop Eating B*tch!” as a “tip” is crossing the line from being a bad consumer into being a horrible human being. [More]

At Applebee's, 2 For $20 Equals $21

At Applebee's, 2 For $20 Equals $21

Two meals and an appetizer for $20 at Applebee’s is a nice, simple price point. Not a bad deal, either. Jeff ordered it for carside takeout, but was baffled to receive his order and see that the price listed on the receipt was $21, not $20. The waitress explained that the extra $1 was sales tax, but Jeff didn’t buy that (and we don’t either.) The restaurant calculated and charged him accurate sales tax on the entire order. [More]