Is It Sweet Or Creepy To Get A Discount For Having The Best Butt In The Restaurant?

Having a bad day and just want to drown your sorrows in say, a veggie bowl and fried pickles? Maybe your server will be as smooth as this fella, who added in a few compliments by way of a $0.02 total discount on a customer’s receipt for “Best Butt” and “Best Looking.” Creepy or sweet? Your call.

Reddit user caraficionado24 says a friend was complimented thusly at a restaurant recently, prompting a few questions for you, our dear readers: Is it even possible to enter such items in a point-of-sale system? The last time I used a POS was in college and there were very specific buttons for every single thing on the menu, and nothing else. Nary a superlative to be found.

This could also be a clever Photoshop job, but one commenter did say they work at the same chain and that there are fun discounts that can be entered. Perhaps it’s franchise-specific, but as long as the server isn’t charging for compliments, it’s a harmless way to cheer up someone’s day. Or at least, it would cheer up my day.

Weigh in on the compliments as to whether this is a harmless way to compliment, an example of creepster before, or if it’s even possible. Otherwise, shenanigans must be called.

UPDATE 8/22: It seems the chain has confirmed the receipt is real, by adding the photo to its official Facebook page with the caption: “It looks like one of our cashiers has game…”

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