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Poop Cruise is back in the news.

33 “Poop Cruise” Passengers Want Carnival To Fork Over $5K Per Month Each For Life

A group of 33 passengers who were on the ill-fated “Poop Cruise” last year — also known as the Carnival ship Triumph — have been in court suing the cruise line and are now asking the company to shell out $5,000 in damages per person, every month for the rest of their lives. [More]

Cruise Ship Cutting Journey Short Because It’s No Fun When 600 People Are Vomiting

Cruise Ship Cutting Journey Short Because It’s No Fun When 600 People Are Vomiting

The ghostly specter of the Poop Cruise is out haunting again and this time it picked a Royal Caribbean cruise ship to mess with: The Explorer of the Seas will cut its 10-day trip short by two days after more than 600 people on board succumbed to an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness. [More]

Couple Sues Carnival Over “Deplorable Conditions” On Poop Cruise They Weren’t Even On

Couple Sues Carnival Over “Deplorable Conditions” On Poop Cruise They Weren’t Even On

A lawyer in Texas has had to admit that he goofed — which is putting it lightly — when he recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a couple, claiming they had been aboard the ill-fated Carnival Triumph cruise (AKA the “Poop Cruise”) that got stranded out to sea after an engine fire in February. Thing is, that couple not only hadn’t been on the ship, they were on the record with local media about not being on the ship. [More]

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Plane Turns Around After Broken Toilets Threaten To Turn Dreamliner Into The Next Poop Vessel

If we learned anything from the great Poop Cruise debacle endured by passengers on the Carnival Triumph, it’s that working toilets are essential on any vessel carrying passengers for any length of time. Because no one is happy when you can’t flush after you go. A Japan Airline’s flight from Moscow to Tokyo had to turn around two hours into the trip after the 787 Dreamliner plane’s toilets broke, threatening to turn the whole thing into a Poop Flight. [More]

Don’t Like Your Cruise? Carnival WIll Pay You To Go Home

Don’t Like Your Cruise? Carnival WIll Pay You To Go Home

The 2012 Costa Concordia disaster and the infamous Poop Cruise of the Triumph in February of this year did a lot to hurt the reputation of the cruise industry worldwide. So Carnival has a novel idea: try a cruise, and if you don’t like it within the first day, they’ll pay you to go away. [More]

Poop Cruise Claims Another Victim As Carnival Cruise CEO Agrees To Step Down

Poop Cruise Claims Another Victim As Carnival Cruise CEO Agrees To Step Down

Back in 1979, Micky Arison became CEO of Carnival, the cruise line his father Ted had founded, when the company only had three ships. Since then, it’s become the world’s largest cruise operator, with a fleet of more than 100 ships around the world. But in the wake of recent disastrous events, including the infamous “Poop Cruise” on board the Carnival Triumph and the Costa Concordia tragedy that killed 32 people, Arison has decided to step down from his position as CEO. [More]

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The Poop Cruise Ship Sails Again: First Two Triumph Voyages Are Sold Out

What is it about poop-filled hallways and sewage slushies that has somehow become appealing? The world may never know, but despite the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph’s reign as the Poop Cruise, it’s set to sail the high seas again with its first two voyages completely sold out. Yeah, we know — what in the what? [More]

No Carnival news ever seems to be good.

Survey: Carnival Poop Cruise Has Scuttled Public Perception Of Entire Cruise Industry

The bad times continue for Carnival Cruise lines, following a number of ugly high-profile profile incidents on their ships — most notably the “Poop Cruise” aboard the stranded Carnival Triumph, consumer sentiment about Carnival and the entire cruise industry is sinking. [More]

Haunting dreams and court rooms.

Carnival Wants Poop Cruise Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed Due To Ticketing Contracts

Carnival founds itself in hot, sewage-filled water back in February when its ship, the Triumph, caught fire in the engine room, suffered a power failure and was stranded at sea for days. But as we guessed back then, passengers seeking to sue the cruise line might be out of luck because of the contracts on their tickets. Carnival is now seeking to dismiss passenger lawsuits in federal court. [More]

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Carnival Rolls Out $300M In Improvements Aimed At Avoiding Future Poop Cruises

Now that Carnival Cruise lines has found its name irrevocably linked with Poop Cruises, the company has apparently realized it’s got some work to do — both on its public image and on all those ships that keep malfunctioning. Carnival announced today that it has plans in the works involving $300 million in improvements to its entire fleet. [More]


Carnival Cruise Lines Trying To Lure Customers Away From Motel 6 With Cheap Trips

Having your name associated with a disaster like the Poop Cruise has got to be rough when trying to scare up new business. It appears Carnival Cruise Lines is feeling the sting of having a slew of recent troubled cruises, prompting it to drop its prices. How low can it go? One report had a four-night cruise for $149 per person — about $38 a night — which is less than a $39.99 night’s stay at a budget-priced Motel 6. [More]

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Carnival Poop Cruise Ship Breaks Free, Rips Hole In Side

If you thought the horror show was over for the Carnival Triumph, better known as the ship involved in the infamous “Poop Cruise” from earlier this year, you’d be wrong. Earlier today, Triumph apparently broke loose from its mooring and went drifting along the river. [More]

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Carnival Cancels Additional Cruises Aboard Infamous ‘Poop Cruise’ Ship

The Carnival Triumph will be forever tied to the infamous “poop cruise,” that left passengers and crew stranded off the Yucitan Peninsula. And now it will be a little longer before passengers board that ship, cautiously checking every corner to make sure it’s been thoroughly scrubbed down. [More]

In Wake Of Poop Cruises, Senator Calls For Passenger Bill Of Rights

In Wake Of Poop Cruises, Senator Calls For Passenger Bill Of Rights

After last month’s “poop cruise” disaster on the stranded Carnival Triumph, one lawmaker is asking for the travel industry to police itself and create a standard passenger bill of rights so consumers know what is expected — and what forms of redress are available — when things go wrong. [More]

Poop Cruise is over but not forgotten.

Another Poop Cruise Lawsuit Pops Up Seeking Class Action Status Against Carnival

We know you’ve been wondering why this week has felt so empty, bleak and desolate. That’s probably because we haven’t had much Poop Cruise news to report lately, but today is your lucky day: A couple is suing for their bad time onboard the Carnival Triumph and seeking class action status to include the other 3,000 or so unlucky souls aboard the sloshy sewage-filled boat. [More]

The Triumph fire has now ruined vacation plans for thousands of additional Carnival customers.

Carnival Triumph Poop Cruise Passengers Reach Land Safely; Rescue Bus Breaks Down

If you were one of the passengers on the Carnival Triumph Poop Cruise, how could things possibly get worse? When passengers disembarked from the crippled ship at the port of Mobile, they got a hug and a ride from their loved ones right from Mobile, or climbed on buses bound for Galveston, Texas or New Orleans. After days stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, what the passengers needed was another travel delay. That’s what they got when one of those buses broke down. Well, at least this time they were stranded on land. [More]