Carnival Wants Poop Cruise Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed Due To Ticketing Contracts

Haunting dreams and court rooms.

Haunting dreams and court rooms.

Carnival founds itself in hot, sewage-filled water back in February when its ship, the Triumph, caught fire in the engine room, suffered a power failure and was stranded at sea for days. But as we guessed back then, passengers seeking to sue the cruise line might be out of luck because of the contracts on their tickets. Carnival is now seeking to dismiss passenger lawsuits in federal court.

The biggest legal battle up for grabs is a potential class action that wants to represent the 3,000 or so passengers aboard the ill-fated Poop Cruise. According to the Associated Press, Carnival claims that its cruise tickets clearly state that passengers can’t do such a thing as band together and file a class action.

But the lawyers for the passengers claim that Carnival was negligent in allowing the Triumph to hit the ocean in the first place, citing its history of past mechanical issues.

There are two other suits filed by individual passengers that Carnival wants to do away with, but it’s unclear what kind of claims customers have made in those suits.

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