Carnival Poop Cruise Ship Breaks Free, Rips Hole In Side

Image courtesy of This logo haunts our dreams.

This logo haunts our dreams.

This logo haunts our dreams.

If you thought the horror show was over for the Carnival Triumph, better known as the ship involved in the infamous “Poop Cruise” from earlier this year, you’d be wrong. Earlier today, Triumph apparently broke loose from its mooring and went drifting along the river.

WKRG in Alabama reports that the ship, which had been docked in Mobile since being towed back to port in February, came loose from the port where it had been undergoing repairs and began floating aimlessly with the current.

The incident resulted in some damage, most notably a new hole in the side of the ship.

“Due to strong winds in Mobile, Ala., Carnival Triumph, which was docked at a Mobile shipyard, broke away from its moorings,” Carnival said in a statement to NBC News. “The ship drifted and is currently resting against a cargo vessel. Tug boats and the U.S. Coast Guard are on site.”

NBC also reports that the damage to the side of the Triumph was caused by a collision with an Army Corps of Engineers boat, and that when the ship pulled away from dock, it led to the collapse of a nearby guard shack, with at least one person taken to the hospital and another reportedly being searched for.

The Alabama Port Authority says the Triumph has since been controlled by tug boats in the harbor.

Around two dozen previously scheduled cruises aboard the Triumph have already been canceled since a fire caused the ship to lose power more than 100 miles off the coast. This latest issue will likely only result in further delays and cancellations.

Coincidentally, Carnival is competing against Ticketmaster right this very second in the quarterfinals of the Worst Company In America tournament. You can vote until 6 p.m. ET today.

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