Don’t Like Your Cruise? Carnival WIll Pay You To Go Home

3075625657_9b44461a16_mThe 2012 Costa Concordia disaster and the infamous Poop Cruise of the Triumph in February of this year did a lot to hurt the reputation of the cruise industry worldwide. So Carnival has a novel idea: try a cruise, and if you don’t like it within the first day, they’ll pay you to go away.

This guarantee could be a good idea. Maybe the great low prices have you tempted to take a cruise, but you have some trepidation. Of course, the flaw is that if something is going to go wrong on a cruise, it probably won’t be in the first 24 hours: the Triumph, after all, was on its way home before comfort systems began to break down on the Poop Cruise. The guarantee exists, and will get Carnival lots of nice free publicity, but how many people will really invoke it?

To be precise, customers invoking the “great vacation guarantee” will get a 100% refund and the cruise line will pay for their flight home. If they decide to try again and take another Carnival cruise within a year, they’ll get $100 in shipboard credit to spend on board and maybe make their next cruise more fun.

Carnival Cruise Lines Unveils New Refund Program [Wall Street Journal]

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