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Jeremy Schultz

NYC Suing Verizon For Failing To Make FiOS Available To All Residents

The more choices a consumers has, the better. That’s why New York City has been pushing Verizon to finally make good on its promise to offer FiOS to all residents. Months after NYC warned Verizon it was in default of an agreement to do just that, the city is now following through on its threat to sue Verizon for breaking its promise. [More]

Adam Fagen

United Airlines CEO Admits The Company Should Probably Treat Customers Better

There must be something in the water this week: while American Airlines is urging customers to stop being such jerks in order to have a better flying experience, United Airlines’ CEO is admitting that the carrier could probably improve its relations with customers. [More]


Spirit Airlines Wants To Make Up For Being Awful By Trying To Be More Punctual

Budget carrier Spirit Airlines, known for its low levels of customer satisfaction, is trying to take all those frowns and turn them upside down. One way the airline’s new leader is attempting to make customers happier? Actually getting planes to their destinations in a more timely manner. [More]

Josh Grenier

Blue Bell Pinky Swears, Promises Its Ice Cream Is Totally Safe To Eat Now

Blue Bell Creameries is working hard to reassure customers after last year’s outbreak of Listeria contamination and a slew of massive recalls, issuing yet another message promising that its products are now safe to eat. [More]

Chipotle CEO Promises New Safety Standards Won’t Mean Higher Prices

Chipotle CEO Promises New Safety Standards Won’t Mean Higher Prices

After Chipotle CEO Steve Ells pledged that new safety standards would be going into effect at the chain’s restaurants across the U.S., promising it would soon be “the safest place to eat,” some customers might have wondered whether the cost of that initiative would hit them right where it hurts most, the wallet. But Ells says customers don’t need to worry about the price of their (hopefully) E. coli-free burritos and tacos going up. [More]

Delta Will Give Business Customers Travel Credits If Its On-Time Rate Dips Below Both United & American

Delta Will Give Business Customers Travel Credits If Its On-Time Rate Dips Below Both United & American

In a move that seems meant to reassure business customers while simultaneously patting itself on the back for a job well-done, Delta Air Lines is talking up its current lead over United Airlines and American Airlines in the area of on-time flights by promising to pay travel credits into corporate accounts if it falls behind its rivals. [More]

The defendants' website promises that only 4- and 5-star reviews will be posted online while reviews of 3-star or worse will be sent to a "Control Center."

Yelp Sues Websites Promising “All Positive Reviews” For Businesses

While Yelp may be within its legal rights to re-order and filter its user-submitted reviews, the company is taking legal action against the operator of multiple websites promising “all positive reviews for your business.” [More]

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Wells Fargo Customer Learns $6,700 Lesson: Stop-Payments Don’t Guarantee A Payment Will Be Stopped

We’ve told you before about the idiotic loophole in some banks’ stop-payment policies that can allow a supposedly blocked check from being cashed after six months, but here’s a story about a Wells Fargo customer who got written confirmation from Wells Fargo that it had stopped payment on a check that had already been processed. [More]


New York To Tokyo In Under An Hour? Sure, Says Virgin Galactic’s Billionaire Branson

Because he’s got piles of money to sit around on and think about such things, billionaire Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson says there could be a day when people are able to fly commercially from New York to Tokyo in an hour. We’re all gonna be astronauts! [More]

Warning: this logo may cause nautical anxiety.

Carnival Rolls Out $300M In Improvements Aimed At Avoiding Future Poop Cruises

Now that Carnival Cruise lines has found its name irrevocably linked with Poop Cruises, the company has apparently realized it’s got some work to do — both on its public image and on all those ships that keep malfunctioning. Carnival announced today that it has plans in the works involving $300 million in improvements to its entire fleet. [More]

CEO Vows To Fix Bank Of America

CEO Vows To Fix Bank Of America

Bank of America’s profits are down 32%, prompting CEO Kenneth D. Lewis to make some angry promises.