Another Poop Cruise Lawsuit Pops Up Seeking Class Action Status Against Carnival

Poop Cruise is over but not forgotten.

Poop Cruise is over but not forgotten.

We know you’ve been wondering why this week has felt so empty, bleak and desolate. That’s probably because we haven’t had much Poop Cruise news to report lately, but today is your lucky day: A couple is suing for their bad time onboard the Carnival Triumph and seeking class action status to include the other 3,000 or so unlucky souls aboard the sloshy sewage-filled boat.

It’s going to be a hard row to hoe, as we pointed out even before the first passenger to sue did so last week, because plaintiffs will have to prove they suffered physical harm during the ordeal, as laid out in the cruise contracts everyone is held to.

The lawsuit was filed in Miami, where Carnival is requiring all legal actions to be filed, by a couple from Oklahoma.

And while it wants to be a class-action suit, a judge would have to sign off on that before it could become a reality and allow any other passengers to jump in.

Carnival isn’t commenting on Triumph lawsuits, so only time will tell if this thing takes off. Or rather, is towed slowly in to land over a series of days.

Lawsuit seeks class action against Carnival in Miami [Associated Press]

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