Carnival Cruise Lines Trying To Lure Customers Away From Motel 6 With Cheap Trips

Having your name associated with a disaster like the Poop Cruise has got to be rough when trying to scare up new business. It appears Carnival Cruise Lines is feeling the sting of having a slew of recent troubled cruises, prompting it to drop its prices. How low can it go? One report had a four-night cruise for $149 per person — about $38 a night — which is less than a $39.99 night’s stay at a budget-priced Motel 6.

Bloomberg noted that $149 four-night price for a trip on the Carnival Imagination out of Miami on April 22, but that prices seems to have risen just a smidge to $169 per person. Pricing shifts come and go, but those in the know say prices are dropping right now. Maybe because it’s tough to lure customers in with a Poop Cruise ghost on your tail.

“The prices did go down,” the president of a travel agency told Bloomberg. “An empty ship doesn’t make as much money. They’d rather have bodies in them, buying drinks and spending money.”

This has happened before — cruise pricing dipped last year after another ill-fated ship, Carnival’s Costa Concordia, hit ground off Italy, killing 32 passengers.

If you’re still interested on sailing on the Triumph (after it gets fixed following its attempt to flee captivity, of course), the lowest price for a five-night trip out of Galveston, Texas is $289, or $58 a night for an Oct. 7 departure.

Or you could just stay on land and rent out a Motel 6 room for a few nights. At least the toilets work there.

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