McDonald’s Moving HQ From Chicago Suburbs To Downtown Neighborhood Filled With Millennials

After years of guiding the company from the its suburban seat outside Chicago, McDonald’s says it’s moving headquarters to a trendy neighborhood in the city’s downtown, in an apparent effort to attract younger talent to its ranks. [More]


Jack In The Box Wants To Make ‘Brunchfast’ Happen

What is “brunchfast”? The marketers over at Jack in the Box, the company that recently trademarked the term, could probably tell us, but they aren’t talking. Is it serving typical brunch foods incredibly early in the day? Is it a second breakfast eaten later in the day, but not on the weekend so it would be weird to call it brunch? A fast-food company is trying to invent a new meal, but won’t explain what it is until its marketing campaign launches. [More]

Guy Who Threw Alligator Into Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window Gets Probation, Ordered To Stay Away From Wendy’s

Remember the guy who chucked a live alligator through the open window of a Wendy’s drive-thru? Of course you do, because who throws alligators? He’s now paying for his self-proclaimed “stupid prank” with a year of probation and an order to stay away from the chain restaurant. [More]

Mike Mozart

McDonald’s Customer Run Over By Her Own Car In Drive-Thru

Though the drive-thru at fast food restaurants serves a very simple, transactional purpose, sometimes what happens there is far from expected — and can even be dangerous. To that end, police in Pennsylvania say a McDonald’s customer ended up at the hospital after her own car ran over her in the restaurant’s drive-thru lane. [More]

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut To Cut Back On Preservatives, Antibiotics, Additives

Pizza may not have a reputation as a health food, but that’s no reason to use ingredients that may make the pizza even less good for you. In an effort to reach consumers clamoring for less-questionable fast food, Pizza Hut has announced some upcoming upgrades to its ingredients. [More]


Taco Bell Will Give Away Free Tacos If Away Team Wins During NBA Finals

If your team loses during the upcoming NBA championship finals it’s going to be painful, but if they lose to the visiting team, it might hurt less if you’re also a fan of free food: Taco Bell will be giving away Doritos Locos Tacos for its “Steal a Game, Steal a Taco” promotion — but only if the away team wins. [More]


New York Sues Domino’s Pizza HQ, Alleges Underpayment Of Workers

A new lawsuit filed by New York state prosecutors accuses Domino’s Pizza and three Domino’s franchisees of underpaying workers at 10 stores by at least $565,000. Meanwhile, Domino’s HQ contends it should not be a defendant because franchisees are responsible for handling issues of pay. [More]

Garlic Fries Return To McDonald’s Testing Locations In Bay Area

Our brief national — er, rather, very regional nightmare is now over: McDonald’s confirmed that Gilroy Garlic Fries have returned to four testing locations in the San Francisco Bay Area as of Tuesday, after selling out earlier this month. There’s still no word, however, if they’ll get a spot on menus nationwide. [via]

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Will No Longer Bolt Tables To The Floor At New “Upscale” Test Locations

Taco Bell is giving some of its restaurants a shiny new makeover, with a test of four different “upscale” design concepts. They might feature different decor but there are a few elements they’ll share, including larger tables that aren’t bolted to the floor so people can eat in bigger groups. [More]

McDonald’s Stops Sending Fad Diet Teacher Into Schools To Speak About Eating Healthy

McDonald’s Stops Sending Fad Diet Teacher Into Schools To Speak About Eating Healthy

If you eat fewer calories than you expend, you’ll probably lose weight. If you use McDonald’s food to prove this piece of common-sense weight loss advice, you make headlines as if you’re some sort of miracle worker, and it also lands you a gig shilling for the fast food industry by going to schools to speak to kids — at least until McDonald’s realizes maybe it’s kind of embarrassing and quietly pulls the plug on your educational program. [More]

The Wendy’s Company

Wendy’s Is Not Serving Salads, They’re Serving A ‘Salad Experience’

We’ve been talking about brand experiences here lately, with Cadillac opening a cafe and art gallery to explain what their brand feels like, and American Girl is building a new store that they hope will immerse fans in the brand. Well, fast food can do that, too: that’s why Wendy’s isn’t just serving salads in their restaurants. Their new chicken-quinoa offering is a salad experience. [More]

Domino’s Workers Come To Customer’s Rescue After Noticing He Hadn’t Ordered Pizza Recently


Maintaining a good relationship with loyal customers is always important for businesses, but workers at an Oregon Domino’s took that closeness a step further, stepping in to save a customer’s life when they realized that he hadn’t been ordering pizza like he usually does. [More]

McDonald’s Sells Out Of Garlic Fries During Testing In California’s Bay Area

McDonald’s Sells Out Of Garlic Fries During Testing In California’s Bay Area

California’s Bay Area is probably emitting a heck of a lot of stinky garlic breath right now, after all the McDonald’s in the vicinity sold out of Gilroy Garlic Fries, a new test item added to the menu only last week. [More]

McDonald’s Testing Garlic Fries Made With Local Garlic In San Francisco

McDonald’s Testing Garlic Fries Made With Local Garlic In San Francisco

Another day, another product McDonald’s is throwing out there to see if it’ll stick: this time it’s garlic fries made with locally-sourced garlic. [More]


Wendy’s Customer Claims Daughter’s Soda Came With Slimy Razor Blade

There are many things one would not want to find in their beverage, but a slimy razor blade has got to be one of the least appetizing. That’s what a mom in New Hampshire said she found in the bottom of a Wendy’s soda her daughter was drinking. [More]

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In what seems to be an effort to carve itself a share of the fast food breakfast market, Subway is offering customers a free breakfast sandwich throughout the month of May. Getting that “free” food won’t be as easy as simply holding out your hand and saying “gimme,” however: you’ll either have to be the kind of person who likes to eat sub sandwiches before 9 a.m., or have a refrigerator to stash one until lunchtime, because the Subway deal is a buy-one-get-one situation: customers will get a six-inch savory breakfast sandwich “with the purchase of any of their favorite handcrafted subs” at participating locations. [Subway]

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McDonald’s Testing Preservative-Free Chicken McNuggets Recipe

In an effort to boosts its business in the U.S., McDonald’s is considering making some big changes to one of its go-to products: the chain says it’s testing a new Chicken McNuggets recipe that’s devoid of artificial preservatives. [More]

Foodservice Employees: Have You Ever Gone To Work Sick? Tell Us About It

David Richards

Every day, countless American workers go to their jobs knowing they have a cold, flu, or some other communicable illness, but not all of these people have work that puts them in contact with other folks’ food. If you’ve worked in foodservice and gone to a job while still ill, we want to hear your story. Were you concerned about losing your job if you didn’t show up? Does your employer not offer sick leave? Could you not afford to lose those few hours? Whatever your reason, we’d like to hear your story. Email us at with “SICK AT WORK” in the subject line. All details would remain anonymous, and no names or other identifying information would be published.