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Customer Service Worker Gone Rogue Tells KFC, Pizza Hut Customers To Order Domino’s Next Time

If you’re going to fire a customer service rep, you need to make sure they can’t get back into your system and wreak havoc… like the former rep who managed to reply to dozens of emails from KFC and Pizza Hut, telling them the restaurants don’t care about complaints anymore, and to just “order from Domino’s next time.” [More]

NYC Couple Says Airbnb Renter Stole $5K Worth Of Stuff From Their Apartment

NYC Couple Says Airbnb Renter Stole $5K Worth Of Stuff From Their Apartment

There are the kinds of bad houseguests who maybe leave their wet towel on the ground or put an empty milk container back in the refrigerator, and then there are the folks who leave your home a bit emptier than they found it. A New York City couple found themselves facing the latter situation, claiming that an Airbnb renter boosted a bunch of their belongings. [More]


Couple Watches As Four-Foot Snake Appears In Their Kitchen, Swallows An Egg Whole

Uninvited dinner guests can be quite inconvenient, especially when they slither in on their own and insist on devouring whole eggs without even a hello. A North Carolina couple had to gently convince their unexpected guest to leave after a snake made itself at home in their kitchen and tucked in to a basket of eggs. [More]


Police Searching For Lane Bryant Shopper Accused Of Letting Her Dog Urinate On Store’s Clothes

There are bad consumers, and then there are shoppers who allow their dogs to do their bathroom business inside the store. And we’re not talking a little “oops” of a light sprinkle, but New Jersey police say one Lane Bryant shopper let her little pet pee on $2,000 worth of store merchandise. [More]


Restaurant Employee Reports Chef To The Police For Spitting In Customer’s Food

It’s not always staff versus the customers when it comes to food disputes, which is good to know when someone’s spitting in your food: The chef at a New Jersey restaurant was arrested after another worker called police to report “multiple health violations.” That included an incident when the chef allegedly spat into a customer’s food, after the diner sent it back for extra cooking time. [More]


Virgin America Flight Diverted After Passenger Masturbates, Tries To Open Exit Door

A Virgin America flight from Boston to Los Angeles had to stop in Nebraska on the way. Because while self-love is perfectly acceptable and healthy, it should not be attempted on a plane full of people, and followed by an attempt to exit out the emergency door. You know, planes being public and in the air and all. [More]


A Bunch Of Meanies Are Stealing Corn From Nice People In Connecticut

Just because something isn’t sitting in a store with a price tag on it doesn’t mean it’s free, people. Which is why it’s quite rude that big old meanies have been swiping corn at Connecticut corn farms, not because they’re hungry and in need of a snack, but to sell for 100% profit off the back of a truck. [More]


Bear Crashes Through Skylight, Eats Cupcakes For Boy’s Birthday Party

Uninvited guests who crash parties and eat all the treats are the absolute worst, am I right? Darn treat scarfers! But a black bear took it to a literal extreme in Alaska, falling through a home’s skylight only to land in the middle of preparations for a kid’s birthday party. And he was rude enough to gobble up as many cupcakes as he could get his paws on, to boot. [More]

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Domino’s Driver Sent To Deliver 20 Unwanted Pizzas To Man’s Ex Isn’t Amused By The Prank

On the one hand, there’s the flabbergasted look on someone’s face when 20 pizzas she didn’t order arrive at her door. On the other, she’s not going to eat all those and she certainly isn’t going to pay for it, and now the Domino’s delivery driver made a trip with all those darn pizzas for nothing and seriously, guy who pranked his ex-girlfriend? You just caused a pricy headache. [More]

Comcast: Arson Ain't A Good Excuse For Lost Equipment, So Pay Up

Comcast: Arson Ain't A Good Excuse For Lost Equipment, So Pay Up

It wasn’t enough that a woman lost her apartment in a fire set by an arsonist– including most of her belongings, but then Comcast had to make it all worse by demanding she pay up for the two cable boxes and a router she failed to save in the fire. [More]

Waitress Receives Tip To Lose A Few Pounds Instead Of Actual Money

Waitress Receives Tip To Lose A Few Pounds Instead Of Actual Money

Here’s a tip, diners: Your server deserves money for bringing you your food, not your snide scrawling suggesting changes in appearance. One waitress in Washington was unlucky enough to receive just such an insulting “tip.” [More]

The Mark Zuckerberg Who Didn't Found Facebook Kicked Off Facebook

The Mark Zuckerberg Who Didn't Found Facebook Kicked Off Facebook

How dare non-Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg be so impertinent as to have the same name as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg! The nerve! The social networking site has retaliated against NFF-Zuckerberg for the very impudence of being born and named thusly by booting him from Facebook. That oughta teach him a lesson. [More]