Decades Later, There Are Still 3 McDonald’s Serving Pizza In U.S.

Image courtesy of @philip_saveme

Three decades ago, McDonald’s waded into Pizza Hut’s territory adding pizzas to the menu at thousands of stores. But after a brief affair with the cheesy pies, the fast food giant ditched the products — except for two locations, that is.

Business Insider reports that one McDonald’s location in each Ohio and West Virginia never stopped serving pizza, while a third location in Florida added the unique item to its menu just last year.

The West Virginia and Ohio locations are owned by the same franchisee, and both service personal and family size pizzas.

The locations have become popular destinations for diners along the Ohio-West Virginia border.

The Florida location by contrast just began serving pizza last year, Business Insider reports.

While the original pizza-serving locations offer cheese, pepperoni, sausage, onions, mushrooms, or green peppers, the 18,000-square foot Florida store offers a more upscale pizza pie.

Business Insider notes that you shouldn’t expect the pizza offering to expand beyond the three locations. But if you’re up for a road trip, you know which locations to stop by.

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