McDonald’s Pulls Ad Suggesting That Filet-O-Fish Can Cure A Child’s Grief

You know that McDonald’s ad where the fast food chain implies that the best way for a child to get over the loss of a loved one is to scrarf down a square fish patty on a bun? It’s been pulled, for reasons that should be immediately clear if you read that first sentence.

CNN Money reports that McDonald’s pulled the ad — which first began airing in the UK on Saturday — after receiving feedback from consumers who felt the 90-second spot was distasteful and glossed over the seriousness of childhood bereavement.

For those unfamiliar, the commercial features a young boy going through the belongings of his deceased father. The boy then asks his mom what his dad was like, the two discuss him on a walk through town, with the boy wondering if he had anything in common with the man.

They eventually reach McDonald’s where the boy orders a Filet-O-Fish, to which the mother replies, “that was your dad’s favorite, too.”

While McDonald’s apologized yesterday for upsetting anyone with the commercial, it didn’t pull the ad. Instead, it said it would review customer feedback on the commercial.

“We didn’t intend to cause any upset and we’re currently reviewing all customer feedback on this advert,” the company replied to customers on Twitter.

That changed Wednesday as the company noted on Twitter that it had made the decision to cease airing the ad.

McDonald’s tells CNN that while the ad has been pulled, it could still air on Wednesday as some broadcasters already have it cued up.

Despite putting the ad, CNN notes that McDonald’s could have further repercussions from the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, which as received complaints from more than 150 consumers.

The agency says it is currently assessing whether or not to launch an investigation into the ad.

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