The iTray at work at the Yo! Sushi in London.

Restaurant Uses Mini Helicopter To Deliver Food To Tables

In what could be a breakthrough in foodservice technology or one of the most ill-advised ideas ever, a restaurant in London has begun using a miniature helicopter to bring food to customers’ tables. [More]


NYC Restaurant Tells Customers That Tipping Is Not Allowed

As we’ve discussed here many, many times, restaurant wait staff often rely on tips because their base pay is generally far below the minimum wage level. Since tipping is an anomaly overseas, waiters in most other countries are paid a living wage. Thus, one sushi restaurant in Manhattan, which claims it has always paid its employees well, has recently started telling customers that tips will not be accepted. [More]

Reporters Kicked Out Of Amy’s Baking Company After Complaining About Flies In Their Martinis

Reporters Kicked Out Of Amy’s Baking Company After Complaining About Flies In Their Martinis

After a couple weeks of intense media scrutiny and claims that Yelpers were endangering their lives, the owners of Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, AZ, re-opened last week with virtually no drama. But one group of diners say they had an experience similar to what TV viewers saw when the eatery was featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. [More]

Amy of Amy's Baking Company on My 103.9 in Phoenix this morning.

Owners Of Amy’s Baking Company Say Yelpers Are Endangering Their Lives

After their appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares catapulted them from being the cranky owners of a Scottsdale, AZ, restaurant to worldwide infamy, the owners of Amy’s Baking Company haven’t really been talking to the media, except to occasionally shout at the cameras that they can’t talk to the media. Then this morning Amy and husband Samy sat down for a local radio interview with another person who has Gordon to thank for her few minutes of fame. [More]

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Restaurant Calls Police In Dispute Over Price Of Vegan Pasta Brought In By Customer

A New Jersey couple who brought their own vegan pasta to a restaurant were not thrilled to find out they were being charged more than if they had just ordered off the menu, leading to the police and American Express getting involved in a finger-pointing fight between diners and owners. [More]


After A Dine-And-Dash, Is It Legal For A Restaurant To Take Money From A Waiter’s Tips?

It’s a story we’ve heard any number of times, both professionally and from friends in the restaurant world. A customer splits without paying the bill, or doesn’t leave enough to cover the full amount; to make up for the loss, the manager takes it out of the waiter’s pay. Can this be legal? [More]

The owner of L.A. restaurant Red Medicine said he decided to Tweet the full names of no-shows after losing out on business last Saturday night.

Restaurant Uses Twitter To Shame People Who Blew Off Reservations

Allowing diners to reserve tables can be a risky proposition for restaurant-owners, as the business may have to turn away walk-in customers based solely on the reservation-holders’ say-so that they are going to show up. When the diners fail to materialize, it can mean lost business to the eatery, which is why one L.A. restaurant recently decided to start naming names of no-shows on Twitter. [More]

The Waffle House lists the 20% as a "property management surcharge."

This Waffle House Adds 20% Surcharge To Pay For Security

Used to be, if a business wanted to spend money to bolster its security, it would have to eat that cost or pass it on to the customer in the form of higher prices. But one Atlanta Waffle House has decided to keep the menu prices the same, and just tack on a 20% surcharge to cover the extra security cost. [More]


Should Diners Be Rewarded For Well-Behaved Kids, Or Should That Just Be The Norm?

We’ve seen the joy that can spread when restaurant employees type in an personalized discount on diner’s receipts — perhaps complimenting the customer or simply giving a discount to wish a mother-to-be luck. In another recent case of a generous restaurant server, the worker gave a family $4 off the bill for having “well behaved kids.” Sweet, right? Or should it just be expected that if you’re dining out, you keep your kids under control?



Waitress Who Posted No-Tip Receipt From “Pastor” Customer Fired From Job

Earlier this week, we posted a story about a restaurant customer who not only chose to deny the waitress a tip, but also wrote “I Give God 10% Why do you Get 18?” on the receipt. Now we’ve learned that the server who posted the receipt online has been fired. [More]


Smart Move Or Bad Service? Restaurant Calls Cops On Diner Who Claims He Left His Wallet In Hotel Room

It’s a nightmare situation for any consumer: You’ve just finished your expensive meal and suddenly realize you can’t pay because you don’t have your wallet. How do you convince the restaurant manager to cut you some slack? What if they won’t? [More]


More Than 50 San Francisco Restaurants Accused Of Scamming Customers & Employees By Pocketing Health Care Surcharge

For more than four years, dozens of restaurants in San Francisco have been tacking on surcharges to diners’ bills, claiming that the money was to go toward health care costs. But it turns out that millions of those dollars were just going into restaurant owners’ pockets. [More]


Is It Rude To Take Photos Of Your Food In A Restaurant?

Since the earliest days of photo sharing, shutterbugs have been posting images of their restaurant meals online for all to see. That behavior has only become more common through the use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and whatever other service was launched yesterday. Now some chefs say it’s gone too far. [More]

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Waiter Praised For Refusing To Serve Family Who Insults Child With Down Syndrome

When a story about a waiter refusing to serve customers starts picking up steam online, it usually involves people rushing to insult the server and his employer. But this story is getting quite the opposite response from the public. [More]

Here is an example of what the San Francisco health inspection scores look like on Yelp.

Yelp To Include Health Dept. Ratings For Restaurants In Some Cities

While restaurant owners and customers quibble over the veracity and worth of reviews posted on Yelp, the site will soon be adding some information that is both helpful to consumers and harder to dispute — health department ratings. [More]

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Fewer Younger Adults Eating Out While More Baby Boomers & Elderly Hit The Restaurants

There is a stereotype that young adults tend to eschew home-cooking in favor of dining out. Sure, it costs more but there’s no clean-up and it tastes better than what you’d make at home. But a new study says that more adults in the 18-47 age group have been choosing their dining room over restaurants. [More]

On the right is your restaurant receipt. On the left is the scrap of paper you will probably throw out in 20 seconds.

Get The Latest News Headlines… With Your Restaurant Receipt

Because you weren’t already getting enough news from your TV/radio/computer/phone/electronic highway billboards (and occasionally newspapers and magazines), someone has come up with yet another way to provide you with the latest headlines — your restaurant receipt. [More]

You should probably never go on the record as saying you don't care about the quality of your food.

It’s Not A Good Idea To Tell Customers You Don’t Care If Their Food Was Inedible

It’s no secret that Yelp can be frustrating to restaurant owners, and that some in the business have made their hatred for the online review site very clear, but it’s probably a bad idea to go on Yelp to tell a diner you don’t care about the quality of your food. [More]