Reporters Kicked Out Of Amy’s Baking Company After Complaining About Flies In Their Martinis

1368728684-amys_baking_companyAfter a couple weeks of intense media scrutiny and claims that Yelpers were endangering their lives, the owners of Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, AZ, re-opened last week with virtually no drama. But one group of diners say they had an experience similar to what TV viewers saw when the eatery was featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

The Phoenix Business Journal’s Hayley Ringle, along with a co-worker and some friends, decided to try out ABC last week after its subdued Grand Re-opening.

“We went in with an open mind,” writes Ringle, “but our quartet was kicked out after pointing out bugs in not one, not two, but three versions of one simple vodka martini.”

That’s right, she claims there were three separate attempts to get a drink done correctly, and that each time it came back with at least one presumably drunken fly in the fluid.

She reports that their overly apologetic waitress could not grasp their drink order, and so notoriously cantankerous co-owner Samy eventually came over to hopefully save the day. But one of the diner’s vodka martini — on the rocks with a lemon twist — instead came neat and complete with a lemon wedge floating in it… next to a fly.

Samy was fine with replacing this first drink, says Ringle. But the second attempt, while finally on the rocks, was still containing an unwanted fly in the drink. Again, Samy took this drink away, but said it wasn’t a fly they were looking at but something from the lemon.

You can judge for yourself with the photos in this slideshow.

They say bad things happen in threes, so maybe that’s why the third attempt also had three dead flies.

This time, rather than apologize and make a fourth drink, Samy asked the diners to leave the restaurant.

Ringle says she tried to ask if they were being accused of planting the flies in the martinis, but Samy just insisted they leave.

And so they went to the neighboring restaurant to eat. On a lark, they asked if their waitress would be willing to go next door to get a piece of cake — the one thing Gordon Ramsay did enjoy during his visit.

The waitress played along, but when they opened up the to-go box, Ringle says there was a definite fingerprint on the slice.

“We ate around the fingerprint and laughed,” she writes. “What else can you do?”

[via Eater]

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