Amazon Changed Its Prime Logo And People Don’t Know How To Feel

Whether it’s a big change or a barely recognizable tweak, when a company changes its logo, people are going to notice — and odds are, some of those folks are going to hate it. Case in point: Amazon has redesigned its Prime logo ever so slightly, and many people are unsure how to feel about the change.

GeekWire pointed out the minor tweak over the weekend, which is basically a switch from an italicized “Prime” with a capital “P” to simply, “prime,” with no italics, in a different font.

Some who noticed seem to be on the fence about the redesign:

The new logo hasn’t take over completely, however, as the old version is still scattered throughout the site in various places — sometimes on the same page as the new one:

Amazon Prime Now is also using the new logo:

While GeekWire notes that Amazon did submit an application to trademark the new version in March, it’s unclear whether the company is planning to switch over entirely to the new logo. We’ve reached out to Amazon for more information and will update this post if we hear back.

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