WhatsApp Launches Desktop App For Mac OS, Windows Users

WhatsApp’s billion or so users now have another way to call and text their friends, with a new desktop app the company launched this week for Windows and Mac.

The desktop version is available for Windows 8 and up and Mac OS 10.9 and beyond, and will sync with any WhatsApp conversations you have on your mobile device, the company said.

“Because the app runs natively on your desktop, you’ll have support for native desktop notifications, better keyboard shortcuts, and more,” reads the company’s announcement.

WhatsApp users could already use the app on their computers through a web app, but the desktop app differs in that previously, you’d have to have your smartphone on if you wanted to use the web version. That’s not exactly ideal for many folks.

This could be great news for anyone who had an older device running WhatsApp, after the messaging platform announced it would be ending support for some Nokia and BlackBerry phones by the end of this year.

The Facebook-owned messaging app is expected to get video calling along with other new features in the near future, in order to keep up with its buddies in the industry, including its sibling, Facebook Messenger.

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