Microsoft Making Its Windows 10 Upgrade Prompts A Bit Less Pushy

Image courtesy of lonewolf

After numerous Windows 7 and 8 users complained that Microsoft was being overly aggressive in trying to get them to upgrade to Windows 10, the company says that for real, this time, it’s going to be a lot less in-your-face with its update reminders.

Among those complaints: software that started downloading itself without provocation, and, most recently, a pop-up window with a red “X” — the kind that one might think from experience would close a window — that initiated the upgrade, confusing users.

The new pop-up window has three options: Upgrade now, Choose time, and Decline free offer, and the red “X” will really be a red “X” and will close that window from now on, Microsoft says.

“Since we introduced a new upgrade experience for Windows 10, we’ve received feedback that some of our valued customers found it confusing,” Windows chief Terry Myerson said in a statement to The Verge. “We’ve been working hard to incorporate their feedback and this week, we’ll roll out a new upgrade experience with clear options to upgrade now, schedule a time, or decline the free offer.”


It’s all part of Microsoft’s final push to get Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to upgrade for free by July 29. After that, the expected upgrade fee will be $119.

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