AT&T Trimming Its Phone Financing Plans Down From Four Options To Two

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Now that all four of the major wireless carriers are firmly on the installment plan bandwagon, AT&T is trying to set itself apart by simplifying its phone financing options.

Instead of offering four different payment programs under its AT&T Next umbrella, there will now only be two: AT& Next Every Year and AT& Next, starting June 9, AT&T announced.

AT&T Next Every Year gives customers 24 months to pay off the cost of a new phone, with upgrade eligibility after making 12 monthly payments or paying off half the phone. You’ll also have to trade in an eligible device.

AT&T Next sets out a 30-month timeline for paying off a phone, with upgrades coming either after making 24 monthly payments or paying 80% of the phone’s cost — and again, you have to hand over an eligible device.


The new plans differ from the current Next options in that customers have the chance to pay an optional down payment upfront that lowers monthly installment payments. You can choose how much you want to put down, and then have the option to upgrade after you’ve paid off a certain percentage of your phone, rather than waiting the prescribed amount of months.

The new plans will replace the Next 12, Next 18, Next 24, and Next with Down Payment options.

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