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Behold This Giant List Of Restaurants Offering Birthday Freebies & Discounts

It’s your birthday, and you’re hungry. You’d like to treat yourself to something delicious, something… free. Where should you go? We’ve got a huge list you can start with. [More]

Surprise Birthday Party Includes Surprise Scissors Baked Inside Cake

Surprise Birthday Party Includes Surprise Scissors Baked Inside Cake

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, there are good surprises and bad ones. A good surprise could be a special gift, a card containing a large amount of cash, or a surprise party. A bad surprise would be diving face-first into a cake that has a pair of scissors baked into it. That last example is not a theoretical one. [More]


Publix Feels Really Bad That They Decorated Your Cake With A Bug, Delivers New One

You might have had some nice celebrations this weekend, but we’d guess that none of them had the shocking level of true Above and Beyond customer service that karen experienced at a cookout on Saturday. Something as tiny as an insect can totally ruin the party, when that insect is a dead gnat lodged in the frosting of your birthday carrot cake. [More]

Always stay with your buddy!

UPS Fails To Use The Buddy System When One Of My Packages Wanders Off

When two items go out together as part of the same shipment, should they necessarily stay together? Nowal’s parents got her twins a table and chairs for their birthday, which shipped out in two packages. The toddlers celebrating their birthdays might understand the buddy system, but UPS doesn’t: even though the two packages shipped as a two-package shipment, one box arrived on time while the other disappeared into the bowels of the UPS system because of a damaged label. [More]


UPS Refuses To Deliver Package, Messes Up My Daughter’s Birthday

Julie currently lives far away from her daughter, and went her a wonderful box of gifts from cosmetics retailer Sephora for her recent 14th birthday. What a lovely surprise! Or it would have been if UPS hadn’t refused to release the package with a mere signed slip because it had been redirected after getting sent to Julie’s billing address initially. The package was significantly delayed past her birthday, and the surprise became significantly less fun. [More]


FTD Salvages Fiancée’s Birthday Present After Florist Tries To Kill Her With Lilies

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter all that much when a florist substitutes in a different flower from the one you ordered, and sometimes it matters very much. In the case of Andy’s fiancée, it’s actually kind of important for her to not get a certain kind of flower, because she’s allergic to it. It’s no fun to get flowers for your birthday if you can’t be in the same room as them. [More]

Not quite.

FTD Delivers Wrong Roses And Wrong Stuffed Animal To Wrong Address At Wrong Time

When Joe ordered flowers for his fiancée’s birthday last week, his order wasn’t too fussy. He wanted 24 yellow and orange roses and a stuffed dog, delivered to her workplace, on her birthday. Things happen in the flower-delivery business, we know, and seasonal substitutions are normal and to be expected. What he didn’t expect, for his $70 or so, was to have half the amount of roses he ordered, in the wrong color and with the wrong stuffed animal, delivered to the wrong address, and nearly on the day after his fiancée’s birthday. [More]

Walmart Doesn't Want 7-Year-Old's Birthday Money

Walmart Doesn't Want 7-Year-Old's Birthday Money

The parents of a seven-year-old took him to Walmart this weekend to spend his saved birthday and allowance money on a pretty awesome looking swimming pool & slide combo. They’d checked online first to make sure the item was in stock—and Walmart said it was, at three different locations in fact.

Paper Moments Understands Senior Moments, Reprints Cards For Free

Paper Moments Understands Senior Moments, Reprints Cards For Free

In a post-birth haze, Suzanne accidentally ordered birth announcement cards from Paper Moments listing the wrong birthdate for her two-week old son. The site has a clear policy regarding customer errors: mistakes are worth a 50% discount on reprints, and nothing more. Accepting the policy as immutable, Suzanne called and left a polite message asking Paper Moments to reprint the cards with the right birthdate. The company responded with an unexpected bundle of joy.


Throughout 2009, if you show up on your birthday to any Disney theme park in the U.S., you’ll get in free. Imagine how much money you can save on an awesome birthday, provided you go alone! [Orlando Sentinel] (Thanks to RL!)

Restaurant Gives 25% Discount To Birthday Diners, Writes "Bug On Food" For Reason On Check

Restaurant Gives 25% Discount To Birthday Diners, Writes "Bug On Food" For Reason On Check

A restaurant in Dubai gave a 25% discount to a party of birthday diners after they found four bugs in their food. Says a restaurant official, “The guys thought being friendly and having a joke about the environment would relax the diners because it was a birthday, but unfortunately it didn’t.” We sort of think after the second or third bug, you should probably just comp the meal—and then shut down the restaurant for fumigation.

NC Applebee's Can't Afford Breadsticks Or Candles Anymore

NC Applebee's Can't Afford Breadsticks Or Candles Anymore

Glenn’s family went to Applebee’s last night and discovered that the restaurant is cutting back. Really cutting back. You have to bring your own candles now for their birthday cakes, because “Applebee’s doesn’t supply birthday candles anymore.”