Surprise Birthday Party Includes Surprise Scissors Baked Inside Cake



When it comes to celebrating birthdays, there are good surprises and bad ones. A good surprise could be a special gift, a card containing a large amount of cash, or a surprise party. A bad surprise would be diving face-first into a cake that has a pair of scissors baked into it. That last example is not a theoretical one.

A family near Dallas paid $60 for a cake from a local supermarket when they had a surprise birthday party for the family matriarch. Fortunately, it was before the guest of honor plunged her face into the cake at the urging of the guests (a Latino birthday tradition) that someone noticed a pair of scissors sticking out of the cake.

The scissors weren’t pointing up, and she probably wouldn’t have been hurt, but that doesn’t change the fact that cakes aren’t supposed to have scissors in them. The woman’s daughter, posted a video of the scissors sitting inside the cake and shared it on Facebook.

The local El Rancho Market where they bought the cake referred the family and media requests to their corporate office, and corporate offered them a replacement cake. They quite understandably don’t want another cake from El Rancho Market, and you can’t re-throw a surprise birthday party.

What they want is assurance that bakery employees will be trained on how to not leave office supplies in cake pans, and that this won’t happen again. That’s it.

Surprise Cut Short By Scissors In Birthday Cake [CBS Dallas]

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