Paper Moments Understands Senior Moments, Reprints Cards For Free

In a post-birth haze, Suzanne accidentally ordered birth announcement cards from Paper Moments listing the wrong birthdate for her two-week old son. The site has a clear policy regarding customer errors: mistakes are worth a 50% discount on reprints, and nothing more. Accepting the policy as immutable, Suzanne called and left a polite message asking Paper Moments to reprint the cards with the right birthdate. The company responded with an unexpected bundle of joy.

Suzanne writes:

Right now I am so please with the customer service I got from Paper Moments that I feel compelled to recommend them to the entire internet. They really exemplify how providing great service can earn you a customer for life.

I’d been searching online for cute, well-priced photo birth announcements for weeks and stumbled upon Paper Moments. Due to my lack of sleep and post-baby haze, I entered my 2 week old son’s birthday wrong (I am obviously a terrible mother already). The website clearly states you are responsible for double-checking your own work and I checked the box acknowledging it.

Today when I got my announcements, I noticed my mistake. The company’s website says in case of consumer error they will reprint your cards at a 50% discount – already a generous offer. I called and left a message asking to reorder with the correct birthday. An hour and a half later, a very nice woman from the company (sadly, I missed her name) called me back and offered to send me new, corrected announcements tomorrow – for no charge. She said she understood what it was like to be a new parent and wanted to give me a break. I couldn’t be more pleased with this service. I can’t wait for another occasion to order from a company that takes such good care of its customers and I hope you can help me recommend them to others.

Great work, Paper Moments!

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