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Unhappy Guests Claim Bahamas Resort Infested With Bed Bugs

Regardless of how much time you spend outside in the sun, sand, and surf when you’re on vacation, you still want to be able to end your day in a bed that is nice and clean. Yet some guests at a popular Bahamas resort say they were attacked by a colony of bed bugs living in their hotel room. [More]


EPA: Vacationing Family “Seriously Exposed” To Toxic Pesticide While Staying In Luxury Condo

When you’re staying in a fancy, luxurious vacation condominium at a Caribbean resort, there’s a certain expectation that your health won’t be seriously threatened. But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says members of a Delaware family have become seriously ill after their $800-per-night condo at a resort in the U.S Virgin Islands was possibly fumigated using toxic pesticides normally found in industrial farming. [More]


6 Things Your All-Inclusive Vacation Might Not Include

All-inclusive trips to resorts or on cruise ships can be a convenient and relaxing, since your major expenses are already taken care of. They can suddenly become a lot more stressful when you learn that the things that make a vacation fun––excursions, fancy beverages, memorable meals––aren’t part of the package that you signed on for. [More]


50-Foot Sinkhole Swallows Part Of Florida Resort

Don’t you just hate that sinking feeling you get when, well, the resort you’re vacationing at sinks into the ground? It’s no fun getting away only to have the villa get away from you. Guests at a resort villa in central Florida had to evacuate on Sunday night, just hours before a sinkhole swallowed up 30% of the structure. [More]

After Jacking My Honeymoon Cost, Expedia Makes Good

After Jacking My Honeymoon Cost, Expedia Makes Good

Last week we posted a complaint from Shawn, who said his honeymoon was ruined when Expedia sold him a $3,000 all-inclusive trip to Grand Cayman then left him on the hook for an extra $2,160 when it turned out the vacation was about half-inclusive. [More]

Delta Doesn't Care About Your Honeymoon

Delta Doesn't Care About Your Honeymoon

[Note: Sandals has already responded to the post, expressed sympathy, and reached out to Autumn. We’ve removed their name from the headline to more accurately focus the blame on Delta, which is the company really behind the problems.] We get that Delta employees just flat out hate their jobs at this point—that would explain the surly flight attendants on my last Delta flight, at any rate—but why would you take that out on newlyweds, who have their whole lives to be disappointed and deserve that one week of happiness at the start? The least you could do, angry Delta employees, is try to help out after your employer utterly fails to deliver the passengers anywhere near their destination. No, a dingy one-night stay in a hotel room in NYC is not the same as a week in Antigua.


Throughout 2009, if you show up on your birthday to any Disney theme park in the U.S., you’ll get in free. Imagine how much money you can save on an awesome birthday, provided you go alone! [Orlando Sentinel] (Thanks to RL!)

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park Won't Help You If You Break Your Ankle On Their Rides

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park Won't Help You If You Break Your Ankle On Their Rides

When Adam got stuck on one of Blizzard Beach’s tube rides, he injured his leg and had trouble getting out of the ride. He had to wait over 15 minutes for a wheelchair, and then the medical staff at the water park treated him more or less the way a school nurse would treat someone—with a brochure, some water, and some ibuprofen.