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Samsung Confirms A Smart Speaker Is In The Works, Surprising No One

While Amazon, Google, and Apple have all given their voice-controlled intelligent assistants smart speakers to live in, Samsung’s Bixby hasn’t had a speaker to call home. Instead, it’s been limited to the Galaxy S8 smartphone. That may change soon, as Samsung says it’s about to follow its rivals into the smart speaker market. [More]

Papa John’s Is Eliminating All Artificial Flavors, Synthetic Colors From Its Menu

Papa John’s Is Eliminating All Artificial Flavors, Synthetic Colors From Its Menu

Now that the anti-everything-artificial train has left the station, it is showing no signs of stopping: Papa John’s says it’s the first pizza chain to eliminate all artificial flavors and synthetic colors from its entire menu. [More]

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Kohl’s Hops On The Same-Day Delivery Testing Train

The seemingly never-ending list of retailers wading into the same-day delivery game grew by one this week: Kohl’s will test a quick-delivery service in two markets in an attempt to revamp its digital presence and attract customers who want their purchases to arrive as quickly as possible. [More]

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Taco Bell Testing Taco Shells Made Out Of Fried Chicken Because Why Not?

Everyone who’s anyone in the fast food world knows that fried chicken is hot right now (pun intended), prompting chains that might not be known for serving it to jump on the chicken bandwagon. To wit: Taco Bell is exploring its poultry side with the “Naked Crispy Chicken Taco” — basically, a taco that has a shell made out of fried chicken. [More]