Taco Bell Ditching Naked Chicken Chalupa In March

Image courtesy of @PerryB_Photo

Taco Bell dropped its fried chicken shell Chalupa on customers nationally less than a month ago and the fast food giant is already preparing to remove the Naked Chicken Chalupa from its menu in March.

The OC Register reports that Taco Bell will remove the limited-time Naked Chicken Chalupa, which was in testing for two years, after spending less than two months on its menu.

The $2.99 Naked Chicken Chalupa, which debuted on the menu on Jan. 26, is created by frying a piece of four-ounce breaded and seasoned white meat chicken into a shell that is then filled with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and avocado ranch sauce.

A rep for the fast food chain tells the OC Register that the two months the Naked Chicken Chalupa will have spent on the menu isn’t unusual, as other limited-time products generally last that long.

A rep for Taco Bell tells Consumerist that the item was always meant to be available for a limited-time, but that because of its popularity it will likely grace the menu again at some point.

Still, offering the item for just two months seems like a short duration considering Taco Bell tested the meal for nearly two years — first in Bakersfield, CA, in 2015 and in Kansas City, Mo, in 2016 — before taking it national.

Additionally, the unusual taco quickly gained popularity with those adventurous enough to try it.

Still others expressed disappointment about the size and appearance of the menu item.

In other Taco Bell news, the chain confirmed to the Register that it will soon make good on its recent pledge to get rid of the extra-large 40 oz. soda cups.

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