Taco Bell Asks “Why Not?”, Tests Waffle-Shelled Taco

Taco Bell is either onto something brilliant here or they’ve been snorting lines of powdered nacho cheese. Regardless of the company’s inspiration, it is now apparently testing out a taco shell made out of waffles, because it can and what are you going to do about it?

Somehow, the above image was posted on Instagram by a Bell customer in California several weeks back, but most of the world is only now hearing about this new… thing.

BrandEating.com was the first to post about it late last week, saying it’s a spin on the standard breakfast taco idea of sausage and scrambled eggs, but with a frickin’ waffle instead of a tortilla. Eater writes that it comes with a side of syrup.

HuffPo has confirmed the item’s availability and pricing ($.89, though who knows if that will last if the item goes national) and provided the address for at least one Taco Bell serving the Waffle Taco in Santa Ana, CA.

We’re not quite sure how this is different from just getting a waffle with sausage and scrambled egg from any diner or lunch counter in the country, though that price point is certainly lower than anything I’ve paid for that combo elsewhere.

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