Taco Bell Testing Taco Shells Made Out Of Fried Chicken Because Why Not?

Image courtesy of Redditor Cheeze4444

Everyone who’s anyone in the fast food world knows that fried chicken is hot right now (pun intended), prompting chains that might not be known for serving it to jump on the chicken bandwagon. To wit: Taco Bell is exploring its poultry side with the “Naked Crispy Chicken Taco” — basically, a taco that has a shell made out of fried chicken.

A Redditor in California spotted the new menu item at a Taco Bell in Bakersfield, CA, selling for $2.99 for a single taco, or $4.99 as a combo with a large drink and an accompanying Crunchy Taco.

As for how it tastes, the poster says the chicken is breaded and fried, and “it’s pretty good and a little spicy.”

FoodBeast also tracked down the new chicken shell taco at a Lost Hills, CA location, so it could be that Taco Bell is limiting the new menu item to California.

The taco doesn’t contain more meat inside the walls of the shell (though ostensibly, it could, and we don’t doubt many people would love that idea), with a list of ingredients including lettuce, cheese, tomato and avocado ranch sauce.

We’ve reached out to Taco Bell for more details on this bit of fried chicken trendiness — whether it’s only in California and at which locations, or if it will expand testing to other locations as well — and will let you know when we hear back.

In the meantime, if you’ve spotted the Naked Crispy Chicken Taco at your local Taco Bell and have photographs to prove it, feel free to email us with your impressions at tips@consumerist.com.

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