Thieves Cut Hole In Target Roof, Go On Electronics Theft Spree

Image courtesy of WSB-TV

Thieves dead-set on getting their hands on goods that aren’t theirs — which is what makes them thieves in the first place — have been known to employ some extreme methods to pull off heists, like the two alleged ne’er-do-wells in the Atlanta area who recently created an unauthorized skylight in a local Target store.

Channel 2 Action News reports that surveillance video captured two people on Tuesday cutting a hole in a Target store before making off with electronics and cash in a heist made for the movies.

Authorities in Barrow County, GA, say the burglars traversed the hole into the store’s bathrooms early Tuesday morning, walked around the store a while, and then begin their thievery spree.

For all that effort, police say the individuals only made off with $750 in products, including four Galaxy tablets and a drone backpack, as well as an unknown amount of cash. The thieves left through the same roof hole.

A store manager discovered the theft at around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, and alerted police. By Tuesday afternoon, Target employees were working to patch the hole (as pictured above).

The heist, authorities believe, is tied to other thefts at Target stores in West Virginia, Tennessee, and Macon, GA. While it’s currently unknown how the thieves cut through the Barrow store’s roof, a chainsaw was used in the Macon theft.

“The one thing we do know is there is a yellow crowbar and sledgehammer that is being used on the ATMs. That is common in the different burglaries,” Barrow County sheriff’s Captain Ryan Sears, told Channel 2.

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