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Hacker Broke Into Hotel Rooms Electronically, Stole Customers’ Stuff

Key cards may be a convenient way for hotels to issue room keys, but a bug in one popular model made it convenient to electronically pick the locks. An override code to open doors was programmed into the locks, making them easy to open after a quick shopping trip to RadioShack. One man took advantage of this bug and used it to gain access to rooms across the country, stealing stuff from hotels and guests alike. [More]

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Here Are Some Insightful Things That People Said About The Theft Of A Jimmy John’s Meat Slicer

Deli meat slicers are expensive pieces of equipment, and useful ones if you want to run a sandwich shop. Police in Indiana are looking for someone who cut through the ceiling of a Jimmy John’s sub shop and took a meat slicer, the store’s video surveillance system, some aprons, and… that’s pretty much it. [More]

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Apple Store Thieves Run Off With $24K In Useless Products

If you’ve browsed an Apple Store recently, you may notice that the display devices are no longer tethered to their docks or tables. That’s because new security measures mean that the devices don’t work outside of the store. Maybe no one told the five young men who ran off with with more than 20 devices that can only really be used as pretty paperweights. [More]


Police: Man Hid In Sears Store At Closing Time, Tried To Steal $830K In Jewelry

At closing time in any store, you want to make sure that no one is hiding out inside, planning to pull off a heist once all of the employees have left. That never really happens, though, right? A man in suburban Maryland is accused of hiding in a Sears, then smashing jewelry display cases with a hammer and stealing their contents. [More]


Man Burglarizes FedEx Truck In Chicago, Ditches Getaway Car With Baby Inside

The string of robberies and burglaries of delivery vehicles in Chicago continues this week, with the latest theft happening to a FedEx truck. Police say that the suspect broke into the truck, took packages, and then abandoned his own vehicle with a 1-year-old child inside when the cops were after him. [More]


Thieves Cut Hole In Target Roof, Go On Electronics Theft Spree

Thieves dead-set on getting their hands on goods that aren’t theirs — which is what makes them thieves in the first place — have been known to employ some extreme methods to pull off heists, like the two alleged ne’er-do-wells in the Atlanta area who recently created an unauthorized skylight in a local Target store. [More]

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No Pizza Is Worth Crawling Through Ventilation Duct To Steal

Listen, I get it. Pizza is delicious, and you may be tempted to go to extremes to be near it. But it is not a good idea to crawl through a pizzeria’s ventilation system in an effort to burgle the restaurant that makes it. [More]

Safe for work -- he's got skivvies on. (Southwest Florida Crimestoppers)

Everybody Wants The Night Shift After Naked Hamburglars Steal A Bunch Of Beef From Eatery

There’s nothing like a bit of a “bad boy” image to turn even upstanding, law-abiding citizens into admirers — and by that I mean, there’s nothing like the sight of three (mostly) naked men stealing from a restaurant in the middle of the night to make staff laugh. [More]

Carrabba’s Co-Founder Arrested Twice In Three Days At Texas Winery He Once Co-Owned

Carrabba’s Co-Founder Arrested Twice In Three Days At Texas Winery He Once Co-Owned

Sometimes you just need a little wine. But word to the wise: don’t steal it from the winery you used to co-own and definitely don’t come back to said winery the next day wielding a hammer and tormenting the employees. If you do you might end up like a Texas restaurateur who was arrested twice in three days last week. [More]


Burglary Suspect Gets Stuck In Arby’s Ventilation Shaft For 10 Hours (Without Any Sandwiches)

In another reminder of how real life is not like a movie, police in South Carolina say a man trying to sneak into an Arby’s restaurant in the middle of the night through the roof instead found himself stuck inside a ventilation shaft for up to 10 hours… with nary a roast beef sandwich to keep him company. [More]


Man Arrested For Overnight Grocery Store Feast Of Whipped Cream, Steak, Shrimp, And Beer

According to police, a Kentucky man held the best overnight grocery store campout ever in the wee hours of Monday morning. Employees knew that something was up when they found 57 cans of Reddi-Whip brand whipped cream in the store’s trash. The whipped cream cans use nitrous oxide as a propellant, see. Oh, but the festivities didn’t stop there. [More]

How To Scare Off Thieves By Making Your Home Seem Occupied

How To Scare Off Thieves By Making Your Home Seem Occupied

If Home Alone taught us anything, it’s that even the most determined burglars get a little freaked out when it appears there’s activity going on at a targeted house. Not all of us have the wits of a young Macaulay Culkin and access to life-sized, mechanized Michael Jordan cutouts, though. [More]

Packing Fudge: Woman Arrested For Stealing $70 Worth Of Fudge

Packing Fudge: Woman Arrested For Stealing $70 Worth Of Fudge

A Maryland woman with a purse completely “packed” with fudge was arrested last week in the Maryland House Hotel where she was found, covered in chocolate and crying hysterically, on on a lobby sofa. The sofa was also stained with chocolate.