Cutting A Hole In The Wall Of A Best Buy To Steal A Bunch Of Electronics Seems Excessive, No?

(NBC New York)

The now boarded up hole at Best Buy. (NBC New York)

Pulling off a heist sounds like a criminal rush and all, but cutting a hole in a cinder block wall to steal anywhere from $65,000 to $75,000 in electronics still sounds like a whole lot of effort. That’s how thieves boosted a bunch of merchandise from a Brooklyn Best Buy, say police investigating the incident.

Although reports vary on how much stuff was taken — with NBC New York reporting $65,000 in electronics and the New York Post saying $75,000 — one thing seems to be pretty consistent: It’s kinda nuts to go to such lengths with high-powered demolition tools for a theft.

“That’s crazy, why would someone go to that extreme?” said one shopper.

The robbery was discovered when a manager showed up at 6 a.m. on Tuesday to work and saw a “gaping” hole in the rear wall, cops say. Shelves were left fairly bereft of tablets, cameras, phones and other gadgetry.

It’s unclear how the thieves or thief got away, but one theory that’s been floated in reports is that whoever pulled off the heist could’ve used a boat tied up in the inlet behind the store to make off with the goods.

That might not hold up as the NYP reports a snipped chain-link fence in the alley nearby and drag marks on the cement, but still, a four-foot hole was smashed into the store, so there’s that bit of excessive robbery shenanigans.

“That’s some Ocean’s 11 stuff that they’re doing,” another shopper observed.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt couldn’t be reached for comment on that topic. Mostly because they refuse to ever answer any Oceans 11 emails I send.

Thieves Cut Hole in Cinderblock Wall at Best Buy, Steal $65K in Electronics [NBC New York]
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