How Do You Feel About Ketchup On Hot Dogs, Ranch Dressing On Pizza & Other Divisive Food Issues?

Image courtesy of Lisa

Imagine you’re at the ballpark and just bought some food. You’re waiting to use the condiment station, when the person in front of you begins pumping ketchup along the length of their hot dog. Do you think “Oh yeah!”? Do you want to grab them by the shoulders and shake some sense into them? Or does it not matter to you, but that person over there dipping their slice of pizza in ranch dressing is driving you into a fury?

These are just two of the more divisive food controversies that pit brother against brother, rend marriages, result in children being shipped off to live with aunts and uncles who will “put up with your lettuce issue.”

We want to know where our readers come down on some of the most controversial food disputes, so we’re asking you to take the short survey below for use in a future Consumerist story. If there’s a divisive dish we should have included but didn’t, let us know by shooting us an email at with “DIVISIVE DISHES” in the subject line.

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