Breaking Into A Store Through The Ceiling Will Get You Noticed If It’s During Business Hours

Even this guy works at night.

Even this guy works at night.

We’ve all seen the movie where Tom Cruise is like “Hey, I’m a thief guy and I’m coming down through the ceiling to steal something!” (Go on and IMDB it if you want.) But in real life, that’s a pretty risky move. And whether or not you successfully maneuver down through the ceiling, people in the store are probably gonna notice if it’s the middle of the day and not say, the dead of night.

Police in Lexington, Ky. have had burglary suspects in the past who broke into stores through their ceilings. But the thing is — those guys were usually doing so when the store was closed for the day, unlike one recent case.

Officials say employees of a local department store reported hearing some odd noises in the drop-tile ceiling after lunch one day. After about a half-hour of searching, cops were rewarded for their efforts when a 47-year-old man fell through the ceiling and then reportedly wrestled with officers, says the Lexington Herald-Reader.

So not only is he being charged with first-degree burglary, his tussle with cops landed him in the hospital and earned him a charge of fleeing or evading police. Oh, a shake of the head.

“This is very uncommon for something like this to occur at 1 o’clock in the afternoon,” said a police lieutenant. “This is typically the type of crime we would see usually in the early-morning hours when businesses are closed and there are not a lot of pedestrians or patrons present.”

Can’t you just hear him trying not to laugh?

As for why he was hanging out in the ceiling, the suspect reportedly told police “he was retrieving money for a friend,”

Cops add that no money was found in the man’s ceiling hidey-hole and the report of a friend is probably unconfirmed, but they did say they’d discover a hat, gloves and a pry bar.

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