Hostess Is Now Selling “Deep Fried Twinkies” In The Freezer Aisle

If you’re the kind of person who just can’t be bothered to pull out the deep fryer every time you want to eat a Twinkie, well, Hostess thinks maybe it’s got something for you: “deep fried Twinkies” that can be found in the freezer aisle of the grocery store.

While it likely is a bit different result than say, how the folks at your state fair would do it, the at-home version of these packaged treats is also a lot easier than firing up a deep fryer. The Twinkies — in vanilla or chocolate filling — are battered and partially fried before they’re frozen, the Associated Press reports, and then need to be heated up in the oven, toaster oven, or frying pan.

A box of seven will run you $4.76 and for the first three months, you’ll only be able to buy them at Walmart.

Hostess first started testing prototypes at its headquarters, and considered making the snacks into a restaurant product, until Walmart approached them and they had a cooking party.

“The original samples were pretty good,” John Pearson, Walmart’s senior buyer for frozen foods said. “But the batter was a little lumpy.”

Hostess seems to think the final result will sell, saying they’ve got a “retro cool factor.”

“It plays into the comfort food trend. And it’s fun,” Ellen Copaken, Hostess’ vice president of marketing, told the AP.

If you spot these in the wild and bring them home for a taste test, let us know what you think: drop us a line at

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