Cops Looking For Suspects Who Dressed As Rick James, ‘Super Fly’ Character To Rob Indiana Bank

Image courtesy of (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department)

It’s not quite time for Halloween, but two bank robbers in Indiana are already in the mood for costumes: police are on the lookout for two men who dressed up as legendary musician Rick James and Youngblood Priest, a character from the 1972 movie Super Fly, who are accused of holding up bank tellers at gunpoint.

Eschewing the bank robber’s uniform of pantyhose worn over the face, on suspect sported a braided wig and sunglasses in the style of the “Super Freak” singer, while his accomplice was styled in the manner of the classic ’70s film in a fedora and shoulder-length locks, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (h/t USA Today).

The robbery went down on Sept. 19, but it has somehow taken this long for the Internet to catch wind of the nattily dressed duo and freak out accordingly over the novelty of the situation. Police say the armed twosome entered the bank around noon last Saturday and demanded money, eventually fleeing with an “undisclosed” amount of cash.

They’re also suspects in another robber a few days later, where Rick James guy stuck with his outfit, but Youngblood decided to go more for that modern “guy in a Colts hat” look. Awk-ward.

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