Of Course People In Wisconsin Are Getting Wedding Cakes Made Entirely Out Of Cheese

Image courtesy of fromagination

Usually, the topic of wedding trends makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a wire hanger dipped in hot tar, but when you introduce cheese into the picture, well, that’s another matter entirely.

The wise folks in my home state of Wisconsin have changed up the old wedding routine by requesting cakes made entirely of cheese, instead of your usual sponge cake, frosting, and fondant creations, reports WKOW in Madison.

“A lot of people are kind of taken back at first, like, ‘Is that made out of cheese?'” the owner of Fromagination, Ken Monteleone, told the news station.

The cheese wheels are decorated to look just like wedding or other cakes you might buy to celebrate something, and they’re becoming pretty popular.

“People come in wanting cheese for their special occasion, weddings,” says Monteleone. “So the more we started thinking about it, we said why not do something that creates a memorable moment for that special day.”

The only down side, he says, is that while there’s room for creativity, some kinds of cheese don’t work as well as others. And if you get a soft cheese in there, it could get messy if it’s served outside on a hot day.

Apparently the idea can be traced back to England, but it’s unsurprising that its found a new home in Wisconsin, land of the cheeseheads, and home of the world’s best cheese.

More couples chose to say ‘cheese’ for their weddings cakes [WKOW]

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