Wisconsin Police Recover Second Load Of Stolen Cheese

We can all rest easy tonight, safe in the knowledge that cheese that was once ripped from the arms of its rightful owner has been safely returned. Wisconsin police say they’ve found a second load of stolen cheese, worth $90,000, that was pilfered last week.

The state was gripped by the harrowing tale of the two recent cheese heists, which involved $160,000 worth of missing dairy products from two different cities, hundreds of miles apart. One batch of cheese worth $70,000 was recovered already, police announced Monday.

And now, law enforcement officials in Marshfield, WI say they received a tip on Thursday about that 41,000 pounds of Parmesan cheese worth $90,000 that went missing Jan. 15, reports the Associated Press. A semi had picked up the cheese load from a distributor, but it never made it to its intended destination in Illinois.

Police heard that the cheese was probably hanging out in Grand Chute, and lo and behold — police in that city found the entire shipment intact (which I find remarkable, because who wouldn’t take a little nibble off the top?).

Officials still haven’t said whether the cases are connected. We can all sleep a little easier now, knowing that someone out there is looking out for the cheese in this world.

Wisconsin Police Recover Another Load of Stolen Cheese [Associated Press]

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