McDonald’s Serving Deep Fried Cheese Curds In Wisconsin

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We hear that Wisconsin is a pretty good place to live if you like cheese, but a new local offering from McDonald’s has made it an even better one. That’s because as a limited-time offering, the fast food chain is selling deep fried cheese curds in its restaurants across the Badger State.

This is the latest in the chain’s local foods promotions, the most successful of which was the Gilroy Garlic Fries that eventually reached 240 restaurants around San Francisco. Wisconsin has the honor of two of these promotions going on at once, since its McDonald’s restaurants are also selling Johnsonville bratwursts now that grilling season is over.

They come in a Green Bay Packers box (of course) and look decent, at least.

The box of curds costs $3, and is also on the McPick 2 for $5 menu, so you can buy two boxes of them for a discount. There are apparently also other items on the menu that are not fried cheese.

Since our normal Wisconsin correspondent is out of the state, we resorted to a review of the curds (and the bratwurst) from a local publication in Madison. The verdict: the breading on the curds could be better, and someone thought it would be a good idea to put both ketchup and mustard on the brats. The Milwaukee Journal concurs: yep, these foods definitely exist, and they aren’t bad, but that doesn’t make them good.

“Maybe what McDonald’s needs to do is put cheese curds on the menu in any every state except Wisconsin,” observes Rob Thomas of the Cap Times, “letting folks in Delaware, New Mexico and Alabama know what they’ve been missing all this time.” Maybe that’s what McDonald’s could do for everyone: bring mediocre versions of our best regional foods nationwide.

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