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Former Alfred Angelo Employees Perform Potentially Illegal Wedding Gown Rescue Mission

Last week, the bridal and special-occasion gown brand Alfred Angelo abruptly closed both its retail boutiques and its wholesale business. Other bridal stores are taking advantage or helping out (depending on your point of view) with sales and offers of help, and the former employees of at least one store went back in against the bankruptcy court’s rules to fetch paid-for gowns and distribute them to customers. [More]

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Alfred Angelo Abruptly Closes Stores, Freaks Out Brides Nationwide

Planning a wedding is already pretty stressful, and an unknown number of brides across the country have an extra and unanticipated source of stress: Alfred Angelo, a retailer and maker of bridal and bridesmaids’ gowns, abruptly closed its doors and stopped answering the phone yesterday. [More]

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J. Crew Decides Trying To Sell Wedding Dresses Wasn’t Such A Great Idea

If you’re looking to score a great deal on a wedding dress, we hear there might be sales going on over at J. Crew, after the retailer announced it’s getting rid of its bridal business. [More]


Of Course People In Wisconsin Are Getting Wedding Cakes Made Entirely Out Of Cheese

Usually, the topic of wedding trends makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a wire hanger dipped in hot tar, but when you introduce cheese into the picture, well, that’s another matter entirely. [More]


Couple Claims Inn Wouldn’t Allow A Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony

We’ve heard of disputes alleging religious discrimination by businesses against customers, but often those situations involve the customer having a religious belief or view, instead of the absence of religion altogether. That’s the issue at hand in a charge leveled on behalf of a Wisconsin couple filed against an Illinois inn that they claim wouldn’t let them hold a non-religious wedding ceremony. [More]


1-in-4 Photographers, Florists, Limos & Caterers Jack Up Prices When You Say “Wedding”

The average wedding may now run you in excess of $31,000, but are you being billed extra for the event just because it’s a wedding? A new report claims that some event vendors charge customers extra when they hear the word “wedding.” [More]

Startup Promising Cash For Weddings Pivots To Crowdfunding Platform, Infuriates Couples

Startup Promising Cash For Weddings Pivots To Crowdfunding Platform, Infuriates Couples

The news went out around December: a startup in Seattle would give engaged couples loans for their weddings, and some couples receive $10,000 toward their wedding expenses with no obligation to pay it back… for as long as the couple stays together. Then it abruptly changed the entire business model when it launched. [More]

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Would You Send No-Show Wedding Guests A Bill For Their Uneaten Dinners?

It’s always a bummer to have to back out of plans you’ve been looking forward to at the last minute, but one Minnesota couple says their regret over missing a relative’s wedding turned to confusion when the newlyweds sent them a bill for the dinner they didn’t get a chance to eat. [More]

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Wedding Venue Fined $305K For Taking Deposits For Events It Couldn’t Possibly Host

Imagine you’re about to get married and then find out that the venue you booked for your reception is not only closed, but that the venue operators knew it be shutting down and took your deposit anyway. This is exactly what happened to nearly 60 people who were tricked into making deposits with a Seattle gallery for weddings and other events that could never have possibly been held there. [More]

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Quickie Las Vegas Wedding Industry Just Isn’t Pulling In Couples Like It Used To

While running off to Sin City to get married by an Elvis impersonator used to evoke a certain spontaneous glamor and excitement, Las Vegas wedding chapels are more likely to be lonesome tonight than they have in the past, as those in the industry say quickie wedding customers just aren’t crowding their doors anymore. [More]


Wedding Gown Store Closes, Owner Disappears

Where is the owner of a bridal salon in Endicott, New York? That’s a good question, and the brides who haven’t yet received the gowns that they paid for would like to know the answer. The store abruptly closed earlier this week, and the owner hasn’t been heard from. [More]

The non-disparagement clause in this wedding vendor's contract forbids customers from making disparaging remarks or encouraging others to make them.

Wedding Company Contract Tries To Ban Bride & Groom From “Encouraging” Negative Feedback

Wedding and party rental companies often rely on positive word of mouth to find new customers, and negative feedback can do real damage to a small business. But one Florida wedding vendor is trying to preempt customers from saying bad things by including a clause in its contract that prohibits the bride and groom not just from making disparaging remarks, but from also encouraging others to make disparaging remarks. [More]

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Here’s How You Get A Fast Food Chain To Foot The Entire Bill For Your Wedding

Want a fast food chain to sponsor your wedding, provide gifts and generally shell out a bunch of cash so you don’t have to? It’s simple! Just be born with one half of a chain’s name, meet and fall in love with someone who has the other half and voila! You’re getting hitched for free, courtesy of Burger King. [More]

Southwest Airlines showed their romantic side Wednesday by hosting a wedding shower at the Baltimore Airport.

Southwest Airlines Surprises Bride-To-Be With Airport Wedding Shower

Last November, Southwest Airlines played host to a wedding on a flight from Nashville to Dallas. The company continued its foray into all things matrimonial this week when it surprised one passenger with a wedding shower. [More]


Average Wedding Now Costs $31,213, Even As Guest Lists Shrink

If you’re debating whether or not to cut the odd cousin or two from your wedding invite list, you now have a solid financial justification. A new study claims that the cost of weddings is at a five-year high even though the number of invited guests is shrinking. [More]

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The Nation’s Biggest Companies Agree: Gay Marriage Is Good For Business

Next month, the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments with regard to the legality of state laws that prohibit same-sex marriages. And while the issue has been politically divisive, many of the nation’s most powerful corporations — from airlines to insurance to beer to baseball teams — agree that banning gay marriage is not good for business. [More]


Stranger Buys Bride-To-Be Her Dream Wedding Dress

We’ve all got dreams, but when it comes to getting hitched, many people just can’t afford to shell out the big bucks for everything they want on the big day. But one Utah woman says her dreams are now going to be realized due to the generosity of a complete stranger, who swooped in to buy her the perfect wedding dress. [More]


Best Buy Introduces Wedding Registries

A few years ago, I thought it was hilarious when friends included a video game console and games on their wedding registry at Walmart. Was it, though? Most households would get more use out of a PS4 than a set of fancy china or a crystal punch bowl. That’s why it makes sense that Best Buy now offers wedding registries. [More]