McDonald’s Pushing Hot Cheese On Susceptible Wisconsinites In Test Of Its New “Lovin’ Value Menu”

[Scene opens with a lone, shrouded figure alone on stage, head bowed under the spotlight, slowly clapping] We’ve got to hand it to you, McDonald’s. When you go after a particular test market, you really know how to go after it. To wit: The fast food chain is testing its Lovin’ Value Menu at 125 locations in southeastern Wisconsin. That menu features a new item — mozzarella sticks, in a direct pitch to the cheesy heart and soul of every Wisconsinite.

Though McDonald’s tested mozzarella sticks elsewhere in 2014, this time it’s personal, and part of McDonald’s new Lovin’ Value Menu.

Items on the test menu start at $1, reports FOX 6, and include not only the aforementioned three cheese sticks with marinara sauce but traditional items like the cheeseburger and McChicken sandwich.

“We know our customers in Wisconsin love cheese, and we are thrilled to be able to offer them a delicious side that tastes so great and is such an amazing value,” a local franchisee and member of McDonald’s USA operator advertising board told the news station. “The portion size gives customers the opportunity to eat it as a snack or, if they are a little hungrier, use it to accompany a meal.”

The Lovin’ Value Menu and its push for “mini meals” are pieces of the customization puzzle McDonald’s is putting together as it attempts to come back from decreasing sales.

“Our customers told us they are looking for the ability to customize their meals a little more,“ the franchise said, echoing the corporate line. “People are snacking more often these days and looking for more options to create a right-sized meal for them. Mini meals allow them to do just that at an amazing value.”

I will say the absolute best, most delicious mozzarella sticks I’ve ever had come from a restaurant in my hometown of Milwaukee (you know who you are, honey), so McDonald’s has a pretty high standard to meet.

New “Lovin’ Value Menu” being tested at 125 McDonald’s restaurants in southeastern Wisconsin [FOX 6]

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