Taco Bell Unveils Cheesy Core Burrito That Will Never Look As Good As The Photo

Image courtesy of TacoBell (left); ‏@elzzabetaco (right)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, when it comes to fast food, it helps if that picture accurately represents the product you’re trying to sell.

Latest case in point: Taco Bell’s new Cheesy Core Burrito, which promises — in photos and text — a burrito with a “core of melted cheese.

According to Brand Eating, the new item was first spotted back in March, but is now going national.

It’s typical Bell burrito fare: beef, rice, red sauce, sour cream. What sets it apart is the promise of a gooey, molten core of three cheeses and nacho cheese sauce.

The photo looks pretty tasty, but product photos are often a lot more attractive than what gets served up in the wild.

The one picture we could find of a Cheesy Core Burrito appears to be a far cry from the cheese-blast goodness seen in the product photo:


Other cheese-loving souls have tried the meal — giving it mixed reviews.

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