Would You Eat A Taco Bell Burrito Topped With ‘Popping Crystals’?

Image courtesy of Elbore

Burrito-lovers looking for a little extra flavor on their meal might add tomatoes, lettuce, cheese sauce, or even a bit of guacamole. But what about a Pop Rocks-like seasoning? That’s apparently an option for customers at select Taco Bell locations in California. 

FoodBeast reports that at least four Taco Bell locations in California are selling packets of cayenne-flavored “popping crystals” as part of a test for the chain’s new Firecracker burritos.

The Firecracker burritos, which come in cheesy and spicy variations, were first spotted by a Reddit user earlier this week. The $1.29 meal sounds a lot like your typical burrito; filled with rice, cheese, beef, and tortilla strips, but wrapped in a red tortilla. The spicy version includes chipotle sauce.

To set these new burritos apart from all the rest, Taco Bell is giving guests the option to add a little more kick by way of  seasoned “popping crystals,” which sound a lot like Pop Rocks and can be added to any order for an additional $0.20.

Reddit user Elbore says that he was “confused by the whole thing,” after ordering the meal at a Santa Ana location. He notes that the packet of poppers “taste sweet and crackle just like pop rocks.”

The Firecracker burritos, and presumably the cayenne popping rocks, are available for purchase at the locations until Aug. 16, according to FoodBeast.

Consumerist has reached out to Taco Bell for additional information on the test; we’ll update this post when we hear back.

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